You Are Not a Lesser Human: Anthology of Overcoming

As some of the chapters originated as blog posts, it makes sense to share the chapter version here and then some. Though it’s not in the book, “From Blog Posts to Book to Blog Posts” does set the stage for what you’re seeing. There’s also a collection of poems in that article. Here’s the “table of content for my book”:

  1. Chapter 1: A Lesser Human
  2. Chapter 2: A Summer of Hell
  3. Chapter 3: The Builder
  4. Chapter 4: Come Out of Your Hidey Hole
  5. Chapter 5: Altitude, Attitude
  6. Chapter 6: Collection of Poems
  7. Chapter 7: Confidence
  8. Chapter 8: Helping Somone to Overcome
  9. Chapter 9: You Can’t Do It, alone!

About Me

Hi! My name is Barry Brindisi. Some time ago, I wrote my first book. Some of the content came from my old blog site.

The book is about how God healed my heart and I’m sharing some of the things that happened and some words of encouragement.


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