What does Acts of Service Mean?

What is “Acts of Service” and how is it a “love language”? Like the other love languages, it is not you doing something. Rather, it’s how the other person is receiving it. Yes, my mother’s love language is “Gifts”. It was her way of communicating appreciation or love. At the same time, she liked receiving gifts; as it is how her love tank gets filled.

For me, the “Acts of Service” love language is challenging for two simple reasons. It’s not my native love language and it is a matter of how I am receiving it. If I know the person and I have such a relationship then it is easier to receive the “acts of service” as an expression of love. If I don’t know the person then I have to take care and not see it as a put down.

People with physical disabilities are not the only ones who may be sensitive to receiving such expressions of love. It all boils down to trust and communication. Don’t worry, I’ll give you some ideas to help you. Let’s face it. Everyone desires to feel loved and appreciated and I’m certainly no exception.

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