Chapter 1: A Lesser Human

Original book cover You may be asking, “Where did I get the idea for such a strange title for my book and the opening chapter?” The idea originally came from a pair of likeable comedians whose job is to create entertaining YouTube videos for young and old. Their style of comedy is a mixture of … Continue reading Chapter 1: A Lesser Human


My Identity Is Not My Disability What is your identity rooted in? I hope it's not your physical appearance! As for my identity, it is not my physical disabilities; rather it is rooted in who I am in Christ Jesus. Yet I feel a need to talk about this issue of identity. Let's get past the intro and go into … Continue reading My Identity Is Not My Disability

Dealing With The Pain of Being Ignored

Has this situation ever happened to you? Have people ever avoided talking with you, when they should? What am I talking about?  If you have an obvious disability, then you can probably guess it. I am talking about the tendency of some people, to avoid an uncomfortable situation or make an assumption based on appearance. … Continue reading Dealing With The Pain of Being Ignored

Can Someone Guide Me, To A Seat?

When I wrote "Can We Talk About Disabilities?", I did not imagine the response that I'd get, in terms of site traffic. My friends certainly picked a good topic. If you read the article, you'll notice that I covered a broad range of issues relating to disability. How shall I take on, such a large … Continue reading Can Someone Guide Me, To A Seat?

The Typewriter

Did you ever go through something and asked, “Why am I going through this? Why do I have to take this blasted typing class?” For me, this class was fraught with frustration and difficulties. I hated it. The four years of typing were a lesson in torture. My typing teacher didn't help by saying, "Keep … Continue reading The Typewriter