This Is How We Fight Our Battles! (Ephesians 6:10-18)

Have you turned on the news? How about your favorite podcasters: Tim Pool, Daily Wire or Bill O'Reilly? Everyone is talking about the chaos spreading across this nation. Does it seem overwhelming to you? If I listened to the news then I'd be depressed, too. You are not alone! However, there is hope and I … Continue reading This Is How We Fight Our Battles! (Ephesians 6:10-18)


How To Deal With Your Spiritual Battles?

Do you know that you're in a spiritual war? Even if you don't think so, there is one raging all around you. How can I be certain? Is it really because of Ephesians 6:12? Not so fast, if that is your thought. I would like to offer some helpful observations that may help you with … Continue reading How To Deal With Your Spiritual Battles?

The Real Super Suit

Last week, I wrote "Calling Superman". It is based on a story told by my niece on Facebook. It featured a man wearing a Superman costume. It seems the man thought he was the Man of Steel. A friend read my blog post and asked "What about the other suit?" He was talking of the … Continue reading The Real Super Suit