Chapter 1: A Lesser Human

Original book cover You may be asking, “Where did I get the idea for such a strange title for my book and the opening chapter?” The idea originally came from a pair of likeable comedians whose job is to create entertaining YouTube videos for young and old. Their style of comedy is a mixture of … Continue reading Chapter 1: A Lesser Human


How Do You See Church? Is It Essential?

How do you see church? Do you see church as an essential part of the local community? Is it just a place to go, on Sunday morning? The church or the ecclesia is more than a Sunday morning social club. It's also not supposed to be a hideout from the outside world. What is the … Continue reading How Do You See Church? Is It Essential?

Is It Safe To Come Out??

Is it safe to come out? Should I remain in hiding? Fear not, you need not be afraid of the terror that stalks in the night. Am I actually talking about the dreaded coronavirus or something else? What about my absence from the blogosphere? Don't worry, I am not pulling a switch; rather, it's the … Continue reading Is It Safe To Come Out??