An Easy Way to Study the Word of God

Let's Study Scripture, together How would you like to go on an adventure in studying Scripture, with me? In this case, I'll be sharing through writing; as opposed to video. All you will need is a Bible, a concordance and your smartphone. I'd have mentioned a commentary; however, you won't need a physical one. If … Continue reading An Easy Way to Study the Word of God


Are You Afraid of Negativity?

How do you react when someone says something, negative about what you are doing? Each person has a gift in certain areas of their lives. For me, I have a gift for writing; however, my singing is a different story.  What about you? Does it bother me, if someone says something about my singing skill? … Continue reading Are You Afraid of Negativity?

Listening To The Voice of Truth

After reading "Seeking God's Will", a visitor asked, "What about being led by the Spirit?. I consider her question and talked via LinkedIn. It became clear. I need to share about abiding in Christ. It's a key to being led  by the Holy Spirit. I won't pretend to be great at hearing the voice of … Continue reading Listening To The Voice of Truth

The Word is my Flashlight

A while ago, I was considering Psalm 119:105.  As I sometimes struggle with applying this verse, I asked the Father for better understanding.  Here is the Scripture : 105 Your word is a lamp to my feet And a light to my path. As I was considering its possible meaning, the Lord showed me an … Continue reading The Word is my Flashlight

Life Without Limitations!

A friend once said, “It seems like you’re not living within the reality of your disabilities.”  I was quite surprised by this comment.  As I listen, an old cartoon character came drifting to the surface.  It was Mr. Magoo. “Wait a sec. Do you think I’m some sort of Magoo?” I asked.  My friend recognized … Continue reading Life Without Limitations!