Need Help in Overcoming Depression?

You Are Not Alone!

Depression? I know all about it because I dealt with it in the past. If you watched any of my YouTube videos on Christianity Explained then you’ll discover that I’m not most handsome man, around. ;-). I was born with serious disabilities in 1964 and hope was a scarce commodity. People with physical disabilities were generally not given an optimistic future and were relegated to borderline poverty.

I am told that it’s rare for anyone with low vision and a severe hearing loss to go to college. In the 60s, this reality had a lot of truth in it. In addition, I had a lot of other issues in my life. My heart was filled with fear and anxiety over how others perceived me. Where did I get this idea? It did not magically appear.

My Dad had a very negative view of the world and thought people would treat me badly and take advantage of my limitations. He was trying to prepare me for a world that may not be kind to me. Yes, there is a measure truth in this view; however, it’s not a majority viewpoint.

If you want more than I will invite you to read my book, “You Are Not A Lesser Human: An Anthology of Overcoming“. Yes, I did have that poor of an image of myself. It lies very much at the heart of my depression. How did I overcome my depression and how can my story help you?

Keep reading! I’m simply going to share some key points; not the book.

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