Where Is Your Focus? Is It Jesus, Minecraft or Politics?

Who are you giving your attention to?

Yes, I am being serious with that question. Where is your focus? As Christians, it is easy to say my focus is on Jesus. However, this is not always the case. I know this to be true because I’ve been a follower of Jesus, for a long time. If you’re just starting your walk with Jesus, the title of this blog post may seem either strange or daunting.

Fear not! I would like to share some insights that may be of help to you and provide a challenge, if you’re having trouble. Though I’m not a serious gamer, I do like to play some games and thought this to be a good avenue. Please listen to the podcast and continue reading the blog post.

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Don’t You Worry About A Thing!

Worry (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Editor’s Note: For a couple of years, I have had this poetic song rising up, in times of anxiety and stress. For me, I enjoy singing; hence, I am calling this poem, a poetic song. You are free to have a different opinion.
Why am I releasing it, now? It just seems the time is right. I hope and pray this tuneful poem will bless those, who read it. If you are a songwriter or singer, then please feel free to make it into an actual song.
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What Is In Your Hand?

A few months ago, a friend introduced a fascinating game called Minecraft.  It’s a sandbox style game.  This means the game is open and there are no set goals. You just build whatever you can imagine.  There is also an online multiplayer version. Be forewarned, this game is quite addictive. It was for me.

After a couple of months of endlessly playing Minecraft, I felt a strong need to take a break from this game.  As I sought to recommit myself, I began asking “How am I serving Jesus, with this game?”  The problem is not Minecraft; rather it is how I was using the game. Continue reading “What Is In Your Hand?”