Sharing Old & New Treasures (Matt 13:52)

Has this ever happened to you? Did you ever think that the Holy Spirit would prompt you to use a story that’s nearly 10 years old? Just because something is old, it does not diminish its value.

I’d like to share what happened and a fresh reminder to me, as a writer. Our stories are of value; no matter when it happened!

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The Sunfish: A Picture of two Fathers [Revisited]

Picture of sunfish wuited for 1 or two person.

Would you like to take a trip in time? Some time ago, I wrote an article comparing my Dad with my Heavenly Father. What brought this up?

During my morning prayer walk, I felt a need to write something, about fathers. As a blogger, I am wired to think of something new. However, the Holy Spirit had a better idea.

What idea?

I immediately recalled Matthew 13:51-52 and knew the perfect article. I hope you enjoy reading this blog post. Sometimes, it pays to bring out both old treasures along with the new ones.

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