Let’s Pray With Tenacity And Boldness!

What would happen, if we pray as we do on Facebook? Some people are quite passionate about their views on a variety of topics and they are not afraid to let it be known. Here’s the thing. They don’t just do it, one time. They keep going!

If we could just pray with that same level of tenacity and audacity ala our Facebook comments then things can change!

Oh, I am serious about what I wrote! However, I am going in a constructive direction; not destructive! There is no reason that we can’t put that energy into powerful prayer for change that lines up with Heaven’s viewpoint. I invite you to listen to the podcast then read the article.

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Make The Day of Rest, A Lifestyle!

How are you feeling these days? Are you feeling stressed out and exhausted? When it comes to the topic of politics in the wonderful lands of Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube, the feelings of exhaustion, depression, and stress are intensified.

Have you ever considered taking a real day off? How about turning off social media, for a day?

Do you know there is more to the Sabbath than Sunday morning church service? Yes, I know that the Sabbath actually starts at sundown on Friday and ends by sundown on Saturday. Yet the question still stands. Have you ever considered making the Day of Rest, a lifestyle; not a mere religious duty? How does one do this?

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Am I Listening To God, Self Or Another’s? Discerning the Voice of God

Who are you listening to when it comes to the voices in your head? Is it God’s voice or your own? These are the only voices that we should be hearing.

Sadly, there is a third voice and he’s not one to be listening to. I would like to offer some ideas for distinguishing these voices.

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Let’s PRAY Strategically for Kanye; NOT complain!

Have you heard the amazing thing that God is doing through Kanye West? Ever think of praying for this young man? Though I may be a little rough, I would like to offer some suggestions for praying for Kanye West

First, I would like to congratulate Kanye West in giving his life to Jesus. I typically don’t listen to hip hop artists like Kanye; so I did not know of his new album, “Jesus is King”.

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What Is Christianity Explained?

Thumbnail of YT channel

What is Christianity Explained about? Isn’t there a YouTube channel with a similar name? What are my goals for this new blog site? Haven’t I seen you, before?

Yes, you have seen me and I will answer your questions in short order. First of all, I would like to welcome you to a new blog site. I created this site to compliment my new YouTube channel. I have three essential goals for this site. Did he say, “a new blog site? What happened to the old one?”

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