Prayer Plus Mask: Thanks For The Cloaking Device!

Hidden amongst the stars are cloaked battleships

What am I talking about? Am I comparing a simple piece of cloth to something out of an old Star Trek episode? What does an old Romulan or Klingon cloaking device has to do with intercessory prayer? It’s more than you may think. I would like to invite you to listen to the embedded podcast and continue reading.

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Let’s Pray With Tenacity And Boldness!

What would happen, if we pray as we do on Facebook? Some people are quite passionate about their views on a variety of topics and they are not afraid to let it be known. Here’s the thing. They don’t just do it, one time. They keep going!

If we could just pray with that same level of tenacity and audacity ala our Facebook comments then things can change!

Oh, I am serious about what I wrote! However, I am going in a constructive direction; not destructive! There is no reason that we can’t put that energy into powerful prayer for change that lines up with Heaven’s viewpoint. I invite you to listen to the podcast then read the article.

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