Chapter 2: A Summer of Hell

Photo by on In the previous chapter, I alluded to a story written a few years ago. A Summer of Hell centers on a tragic event in the summer of 1983. When I originally wrote the story for my blog, I struggled with finding an apt title.  A Summer of Hell is the … Continue reading Chapter 2: A Summer of Hell


A Message of Healing

About six years ago, I had an interesting idea for my first book. It was a title that would grab attention because of its shock value and point a finger towards the devasting effects of a horrendous self-image. I'm talking about "A Lesser Human: An Anthology of Overcoming". Sadly, I let myself be persuaded to … Continue reading A Message of Healing

Physical Touch is a Love Language and It Doesn’t Have to be TOUCHY Please be sure to subscribe to my podcast on your favorite podcasting platform. I would like to welcome you to my last installment on the topics covered in Dr. Gary Chapman's book,"The 5 Love Languages". You can either continue reading today's blog post or you can choose to listen to an audio version on … Continue reading Physical Touch is a Love Language and It Doesn’t Have to be TOUCHY

Inspiration Theatre: She Left What? Where? How would you react if someone left a live goat at your church and left per Matthew 5:23-24? God cares more about our relationship with each other than what you're leaving at the altar. Some time ago, I wrote a blog post on this very topic. Thought it would be fun to do a … Continue reading Inspiration Theatre: She Left What? Where?

My Path To Overcoming Offenses

Is there a different way to dealing with offenses? These days, it seems that we are offended by many things. On social media, it doesn't take a whole lot to trigger a negative reaction; hence the phrase, "I'm triggered!" I've seen this phenomenon in action, nearly 10 years ago in a YouTube video. I felt … Continue reading My Path To Overcoming Offenses