Some Thoughts For Father’s Day

Father’s Day is fast approaching and it’s been on my heart, to write something. It sounds like a great idea; however, I am not a father. What shall I write? While I am not a parent; I do appreciate the value of a father, in a person’s life.  What brought this up? Continue reading “Some Thoughts For Father’s Day”

Overcoming My Father Wounds

Did you ever listen to something that stirs a strong emotional chord? On Monday, I was listening to Pastor Paul Booko of Riverside Church. The church is located in Three Rivers, Michigan. It’s Father’s Day and Paul is giving an encouraging message about being a father.

I would have politely listened and I wouldn’t have given it, much thought. Why should I? I’m not a father or spiritual father. Before I continue, here is a link to “Dad’s Fest“. It’s the message that I listened to on the Internet.

What happened? Why am I writing a story about fathers, the day after Father’s Day? The story starts when pastor Paul Booko mentions the father wound, at the beginning of his message. As I listen, a strong wave of painful emotions began rising inside me. Continue reading “Overcoming My Father Wounds”

Somebody Does Cares!

A couple of years ago, my mother and I moved back into the Whiting area of Manchester Township. When I first lived in that area, it was largely empty and there were a few retirement homes. Whiting was the same as living out in the boonies.

When I left for Stockton State College in 1983, I never imagined living back here. It was too isolated an area and it was a 30 minute drive to either Toms River or Lakehurst. The road going to Lacey did not exist. Without public transportation, I would be totally stranded. Oh the joke would be on me, if I had talked with my Father on April 1, 1983! Continue reading “Somebody Does Cares!”

Commit Your Blog Post To God And See What Happens

Don’t you just love it when planning one thing and it turns out otherwise?  Here is what I am talking about.  On Friday morning, I had an idea for what to write.  It is based on the Proverbs 16:3:

3Roll your works upon the Lord [commit and trust them wholly to Him; He will cause your thoughts to become agreeable to His will, and] so shall your plans be established and succeed.

I got the above verse from the Amplified Bible.  While reading, I got excited and prepared to write a story about committing my plans to God. After praying and committing the idea to my Father, I proceeded to write.

Guess what?  My proposed story morphed from a blog post on committing plans to one about rejoicing and giving thanks. It made for a nice day after Thanksgiving story.  What happened? Where did my proposed story go?

Here is what occurred.  I committed my planned story to God, the Father and trusted him for help. The Holy Spirit directed my thoughts to line up with the Father’s will.  It seems that my Father had a better plan. 

In the end, I followed through with God’s plan and published two stories. The first is on rejoicing and giving thanks; it was followed by the current post.

I would love to encourage my fellow bloggers to try it, for yourself.  Commit your blog post to the Father and see what happens.  Please remember, it is not about you or what you think.  It is about what God desires to say through you.

The Sunfish: A Picture of two Fathers [Revisited]

Picture of sunfish wuited for 1 or two person.

Would you like to take a trip in time? Some time ago, I wrote an article comparing my Dad with my Heavenly Father. What brought this up?

During my morning prayer walk, I felt a need to write something, about fathers. As a blogger, I am wired to think of something new. However, the Holy Spirit had a better idea.

What idea?

I immediately recalled Matthew 13:51-52 and knew the perfect article. I hope you enjoy reading this blog post. Sometimes, it pays to bring out both old treasures along with the new ones.

Continue reading “The Sunfish: A Picture of two Fathers [Revisited]”