No Mother Is Perfect

Good or bad, no mother is perfect Did you have a perfect mother? I had a good mother; however, I wouldn't say "perfect". It is not easy to raise a child born with serious disabilities; especially in the 1960s. The Internet was a long way from being useful and you can forget about manuals. For … Continue reading No Mother Is Perfect

Unlikely Help: The Five Families – How God Used A Book To Heal

What does the Mafia has to do with ....? What is this? What does the Mafia or La Cosa Nostra has to do with healing? I can assure you that it is not of their doing. Rather, it has much to do, with a book called "The Five Families" by Selwyn Raab. With God, I … Continue reading Unlikely Help: The Five Families – How God Used A Book To Heal

Sharing Old & New Treasures (Matt 13:52)

Has this ever happened to you? Did you ever think that the Holy Spirit would prompt you to use a story that's nearly 10 years old? Just because something is old, it does not diminish its value. I'd like to share what happened and a fresh reminder to me, as a writer. Our stories are … Continue reading Sharing Old & New Treasures (Matt 13:52)

Overcoming My Father Wounds

Did you ever listen to something that stirs a strong emotional chord? On Monday, I was listening to Pastor Paul Booko of Riverside Church. The church is located in Three Rivers, Michigan. It's Father's Day and Paul is giving an encouraging message about being a father. I would have politely listened and I wouldn't have … Continue reading Overcoming My Father Wounds