Riding A Tandem Bicycle With Jesus? Who’s driving?

Have you ever rode on a tandem bicycle, before? What would it look like, if Jesus is doing the driving?

As a child, I did ride on a tandem bicycle. It’s quite fun and a potential adventure waiting to happen.

The more sighted person would sit on the front seat and I’d sit on the backseat. Do you suppose that I contributed nothing to the biking experience? Think, again!

Though it has been 40+ years, I can still recall being told “Hey Barry! You need to contribute! It would be a lot more fun if you help pedal!” He was quite correct. Such bikes are a lot easier when both individuals are cooperatively working together.

Do you know the same principle applies to one’s walk with Jesus? What if, our walk with Jesus was similar to riding on a bicycle built for two people? Who would be in the front seat? I’d like to share my perspective on this idea.

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