Conflict: A Wonderful Problem

That’s correct. Conflict, a wonderful problem. Why am I calling conflicts, a good problem? First, I don’t mean the conflicts stemming from violence. I am sure you guessed that. I am speaking of the conflicts that arises on blog sites and among friends.  Don’t be afraid. Continue reading “Conflict: A Wonderful Problem”

I’m Offended!

In December, I had a heated conversation with a friend.  During our conversation, I could sense God saying something amidst this unpleasant talk.  “He is right, about this” is what came to mind, later. Continue reading “I’m Offended!”

Nothing Is Wasted

As I sit here, pondering what to write, I am struck with a sense of irony.

Over the years, I had sought to design web sites. To do so, I endeavored to study what it took build one. There is a lot more to it then putting on a pretty face. In the 90s, I discovered that I needed to learn HTML. Simply put, HTML is a script that tells your browser, what to do. It is why certain words can appear italicized or bold. Continue reading “Nothing Is Wasted”