Conflict: A Wonderful Problem

That's correct. Conflict, a wonderful problem. Why am I calling conflicts, a good problem? First, I don't mean the conflicts stemming from violence. I am sure you guessed that. I am speaking of the conflicts that arises on blog sites and among friends.  Don't be afraid. As a blogger, I need lively conversations to occur. … Continue reading Conflict: A Wonderful Problem


I’m Offended!

In December, I had a heated conversation with a friend.  During our conversation, I could sense God saying something amidst this unpleasant talk.  “He is right, about this” is what came to mind, later. It would have been easy to remain angry and hurt.  It would have been easy to say, “I’m offended! How dare … Continue reading I’m Offended!

Nothing Is Wasted

As I sit here, pondering what to write, I am struck with a sense of irony. Over the years, I had sought to design web sites. To do so, I endeavored to study what it took build one. There is a lot more to it then putting on a pretty face. In the 90s, I … Continue reading Nothing Is Wasted