Blogging, YouTube and Mental Health – My Take Are you struggling with anxiety attacks when creating YouTube videos or writing a blog post? Welcome to the club. I really do know the frustration and the feeling of being seen as an impostor or a multitude of other fears and anxiety. Whether you are a content creator or not, I honestly believe you … Continue reading Blogging, YouTube and Mental Health – My Take

Is It Safe To Come Out??

Is it safe to come out? Should I remain in hiding? Fear not, you need not be afraid of the terror that stalks in the night. Am I actually talking about the dreaded coronavirus or something else? What about my absence from the blogosphere? Don't worry, I am not pulling a switch; rather, it's the … Continue reading Is It Safe To Come Out??

Journaling Your Way Out Of Anxiety

Do you struggle with anxiety? If so, you are not alone. I have had my own bouts with anxiety and fears. For me, they would result in seizures. Today, I don't have any seizures resulting from fears and anxieties. How did I overcome these things? For me, I was believing lies about myself and other … Continue reading Journaling Your Way Out Of Anxiety

Don’t You Worry About A Thing!

Editor's Note: For a couple of years, I have had this poetic song rising up, in times of anxiety and stress. For me, I enjoy singing; hence, I am calling this poem, a poetic song. You are free to have a different opinion. Why am I releasing it, now? It just seems the time is … Continue reading Don’t You Worry About A Thing!

Overcoming Depression

Last week, I was reading a post on Paul Soares Jr.'s website. The writer was thanking Paul for saving his life. The young man was suffering from depression. Would you have thought that an entertaining storyteller could help someone? How about a YouTube video centering on a game, with same storyteller? Here is the young … Continue reading Overcoming Depression