Hope For Those Who Mourn

Where shall I begin? If you have been following my blogs, then you will unlikely know that my mother suffered a brain aneurysm resulting in a stroke and dementia. The aneurysm happened in April of 2013. Our mother has been a resident at the Pines in Whiting, NJ. I can still recall the many hours … Continue reading Hope For Those Who Mourn


A Review of “Reflection: A Caretaker’s Battle With Alzheimer’s Disease

What would you do, if a loved one is stricken with dementia or Alzheimer's disease?  It's not an easy situation and it can be an emotionally rough battle for the family and friends.   Though she hasn't been diagnosed, my mother is demonstrating the early signs of dementia. Thankfully, I live in a community where I can … Continue reading A Review of “Reflection: A Caretaker’s Battle With Alzheimer’s Disease

Somebody Does Cares!

A couple of years ago, my mother and I moved back into the Whiting area of Manchester Township. When I first lived in that area, it was largely empty and there were a few retirement homes. Whiting was the same as living out in the boonies. When I left for Stockton State College in 1983, … Continue reading Somebody Does Cares!