Celebrating The Holidays Should Christians Celebrate?

Photo by Jessica Lewis Creative on Pexels.com It is that time of year, again! As followers of Jesus, we naturally want to do what is right in the sight of God. Yet, we are flooded with blog posts and YouTube videos screaming one view or another. Each one is claiming to be based on the … Continue reading Celebrating The Holidays Should Christians Celebrate?

Say “Merry Christmas”

A week ago, a friend sent a link to an entertaining Christmas song. At first, I chuckled and enjoyed it. I honestly didn't give it much thought.

This morning, I am considering a good story, relating to Christmas. It's Christmas and NOT Xmas. The lovely little Christmas song came to mind. I decided to give "Say Merry Christmas" a second look. I didn't just revisit the link; I lookedup the actual YouTube page. What did I find?

Christmas Day Is About Celebrating Hope!

Christmas Day is fast coming and you'd think my blog would be filled with Christmas related stories.  So far, I managed to write two Christmas related story, this month.  It's not like that day isn't special or I don't have reasons to rejoice.  It is special and I do have a reason to rejoice. A few … Continue reading Christmas Day Is About Celebrating Hope!

Are We Forgetting The Reason For Christmas?

I am sitting here and considering what to write.  It is in my heart to write something about the birth of Jesus and why He came. Why not? Is not the celebration on December 25th called Christmas Day? Is not Jesus, the reason we celebrate it? I was originally considering writing something about Mary and … Continue reading Are We Forgetting The Reason For Christmas?

The Christmas Rush

On December 14th, I joined in the madness called Christmas shopping at the local WalMart.  The store was fairly crowded, as one can expect for this time of year.  Everyone was hurrying to locate that special gift. In all the scurrying about, I could not help but ask "Am I remembering the reason that I … Continue reading The Christmas Rush