What Are You Reading or Listening To?

Open Bible; courtesy of Pixabay

In the past, I have been told to write about myself and the story of God healed my heart. It also helped that I developed a passion for digging into God’s Word and inner healing. You can see it plastered across my blog site and my YouTube channel. At first, the plan worded out and the Holy Spirit has certainly blessed me in the writing arena.

However, there is a limit to such a plan. People visit blog sites or watch YouTube channels for a simple reason. Does it fit my need or help with a problem? It’s great when the content creator is able to add a compelling story but the content still needs to answer that question. I watch Think Media because they create content that helps me in creating good content. I watch Paul Soares Jr’s videos because of the entertainment value. Do you get the idea?

Where am I going with this train? I would like to invite you to participate in an upcoming endeavor that will bless you, help others and Christianity Explained.

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Your Voice Matters, More Than You Think!


Yes, your voice does matter. Today, it is the refugee crisis in Poland. Tomorrow, it could be something else. Today’s video is more than a contribution to bringing awareness of the situation and pointing people in a helpful direction.

I created this video in conjunction with an earlier blog post. “Let Your Hearts Not Be Troubled! There’s Hope!” Read the video description for more details.

Let’s Talk About The Gifts of Mercy, Service and Exhortation Part 2

That’s right and it’s not a clickbait. These spiritual gifts are the driving force behind many ministries. Today’s video is based on Romans 12:6-8 and I’m sure you’ll enjoy my entertaining take on these three gifts. In total, I counted 16 spiritual gifts mentioned in the Bible. I’ll be discussing the others in a similar fashion. When the time comes for the gift of tongue and prophecy, it’s likely they’ll be each in a separate video.

Did you know the gifts are meant to help you? (Part 1 of Gifts of the Holy Spirit)

When you came to Christ Jesus, God, the Father sent each person a special gift. It’s the gift of His Spirit. According to 1 Corinthians 10, the Holy Spirit came with his own set of special gifts. These special gifts are specifically designed for each believer in Jesus. I would like to invite you to watch an exciting intro to what may be a series of videos on the Gifts of the Spirit. I think you will be encouraged and helped by what I hope to share.