What is the Christianity Explained Podcast Show?

https://youtu.be/SJhdt2wrS6U I would like to invite the followers of this blog site to share your input on what's being talked about in my latest episode of the Christianity Explained Podcast Show? I posed the last statement as a question for a reason. When I started that YouTube channel, the goal has been to complement what … Continue reading What is the Christianity Explained Podcast Show?

What Are You Reading or Listening To?

In the past, I have been told to write about myself and the story of God healed my heart. It also helped that I developed a passion for digging into God's Word and inner healing. You can see it plastered across my blog site and my YouTube channel. At first, the plan worded out and … Continue reading What Are You Reading or Listening To?

Dealing With Changes

A week ago, Shore Vineyard held a discussion called "How to Thrive in the Upcoming Financial Crisis". The discussion centers on a book called "The Mystery of the Shemitah It's a book written by Jonathan Cahn. I saw the video based on this book and it's pretty good. If you took the time and listened … Continue reading Dealing With Changes

How to Overcome the Fear of Being Different

This morning, I asked the following question in a Google+ Community. Are you afraid of being seen as different or weird?  I asked this question in a community for Christians. It's too early for any kind of reaction. For me, I really don't think about it. Why? I didn't have a choice; as I was … Continue reading How to Overcome the Fear of Being Different

Calling Superman!

One day, I came across a curious conversation on Facebook. My niece was telling of an interesting encounter. What happened? My niece was on a train and there was a man preaching God.  Sounds harmless, right? There is just one thing. The man is wearing a Superman costume and preaching God. It seems the man thought … Continue reading Calling Superman!