YouTube – Seeing Through New Lens

There is a side story to this video and you may be able to help me. When I originally started my YouTube channel, it was meant to compliment my old blog site. I didn’t try to replicate my blog post in video format.

Would you believe those original videos are my most popular though collecting dust? I must have done something, right.

I thought that I’d try it, again. Like the old videos, I am sharing what happened after I finished writing the blog post. Yes, it is related to the title and what I wrote. I’d like to get back to what I did, originally. What is your thoughts?

Am I On Course? Your Fruits Can Help

Your Fruits Can Give You, A Clue

Are you on the right track with what God is calling you to do? Sometimes, your fruits can help you determine that. What do I mean? I’m inviting you to listen to today’s podcast and read my blog post. You will discover what I’m using to decide this.

Am I on course with Christianity Explained? Don’t worry, this blog post will be of value to you; even if I am sharing some key insights related to what’s happening with the blog site. If you’re a first time visitor, here’s something you may not know or have forgotten.

Two years ago, I opened a paid account with and closed my old one with Blue Host. I had originally signed up under Blue Host’s special offer and it was about to end. There’s no way that I could afford their regular price and I was already burned out with Inspiration Point. If you have the funds, I’d definitely recommend Blue Host.

In 2020, I wanted to do content creation in a very different fashion. I already have a free account with YouTube and I wanted to post related videos on my blog site. As for the audio podcast, the goal has been to spice up my blog posts. Why?

For me, it initially seems a fun idea and an easy way to create content for the blog site. I quickly learned that a growing # of people like listening to an audio version of what I wrote and not just reading my blog posts. As for the videos, they were under construction. In March 2020, the crap hit the fan and you know the rest.

How does this relate to the title of this blog post? Keep reading!

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Can We Talk, Literally?

I would like to invite you to join me, in a simple experiment. I am doing more than getting back into the swing of blogging. Do you know that I’ve a Facebook Page that doesn’t always get a lot of traffic; especially the video?

Today, I went to check the new Facebook Live Producer. In the following video, I’d like to share a possible new feature for this blog site. I’ll probably talk about other topics.

Dealing With Changes

A week ago, Shore Vineyard held a discussion called “How to Thrive in the Upcoming Financial Crisis”. The discussion centers on a book called “The Mystery of the Shemitah It’s a book written by Jonathan Cahn. I saw the video based on this book and it’s pretty good.

If you took the time and listened to the audio, then you will discover that we did more than talk about the book. We talked about solutions and a willingness to listen to God’s Word. I’ll give you, a hint. We did not talk about owning gold; as not everyone can afford it.

I am one of those people, who can’t afford to buy gold. What about me? How should I prepare for something, that may or may not happen? A wise man sees the upcoming trouble and takes prudent steps; so that he is not reacting to fear. 

As the discussion continues, I quietly asked Jesus and myself, “What should I do? How do I prepare for potential changes?” One thing certain, our country is definitely in a financial mess. You simply need to turn on Fox News or CNN. What’s next? Continue reading “Dealing With Changes”

Conflict: A Wonderful Problem

That’s correct. Conflict, a wonderful problem. Why am I calling conflicts, a good problem? First, I don’t mean the conflicts stemming from violence. I am sure you guessed that. I am speaking of the conflicts that arises on blog sites and among friends.  Don’t be afraid. Continue reading “Conflict: A Wonderful Problem”