Dealing With The Pain of Being Ignored

Has this situation ever happened to you? Have people ever avoided talking with you, when they should? What am I talking about?  If you have an obvious disability, then you can probably guess it.

I am talking about the tendency of some people, to avoid an uncomfortable situation or make an assumption based on appearance. In some ways, I can sympathize with the two groups; as I’ve had my own encounters in these areas.

My goal is not to point fingers and humiliate people in a public arena. Such tactics may garner high site traffics; however, they do not yield any lasting fruits worth mentioning. My goal is to offer some helpful solutions for dealing with such situation.

This article should be of value to people, who are disabled and people, who do not have a disability. I will encourage you to take the time and read it. Shall we start with an illustration?
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Can Someone Guide Me, To A Seat?

When I wrote “Can We Talk About Disabilities?”, I did not imagine the response that I’d get, in terms of site traffic. My friends certainly picked a good topic. If you read the article, you’ll notice that I covered a broad range of issues relating to disability.

How shall I take on, such a large endeavor? For me, I can best talk through the lens of personal experience and the lens of Scripture, when appropriate. If possible, I’ll try to include other people. I’m not the only person, with a story to share.

For this story, I’d like to share with you, a very important issue, for people with disabilities. How many people with obvious physical disabilities have you seen in an organized church setting? Could the issue be one of reasonable accommodation?

Everyone needs help; including the blinds, the paraplegics, the deaf and so many others. Are we not to think of others, more highly than ourselves? This includes those people, who we consider weak. It’s for this reason that I like the Americans with Disabilities Act.

Though the ADA brought about sweeping reform; it can’t guide you to a seat in a dark room. Can someone please guide me to a seat? I love the music; however, I can’t see. Here’s what happened on one Sunday morning. Continue reading “Can Someone Guide Me, To A Seat?”

What am I missing?

This is not a rhetorical question; rather I am serious.  I am recently contacted by a woman, who wants my article, “Escaping the Bubble” published by the Sounding Board.  My initial thought is “Great!”  There is just one problem.  The Sounding Board would like me to not be so religious.

The Sounding Board is a non profit and volunteer operated magazine for the National Federation f/t Blind.  They do publish some stories with a light touch of spirituality.  I am acquainted with the NFB.  If my friends thought I was adamant about independent living and doing the same things, as others then they’d be in for a surprise with these guys.

The National Federation for the Blind do have the right idea about what the blinds can do.  Our difference is, I prefer the soft approach compared to them.  Don’t worry, they’re not all militants. 🙂  The goal is to reach the larger blind and visually impaired community and empower them to pursue a robust lifestyle that includes  professional careers, sports and everyday inclusion in society.  “Escaping the Bubble” is likely to be a natural hit with them.

One question I have is this.  What of the spiritual component?  What about faith in God, the Father and Jesus?  What is the spiritual inclination for the blind  community?  Would they want to come into a charismatic church?  What of an evangelical church or a Catholic church?

Why am I so interested?  For one thing, I would love for this community read stories like “Escaping the Bubble” and I am not sure of how to get my stuff into their hands.  I share and appreciate my friend’s enthusiasm; however the question remains “What am I missing?”