Keeping It Simple

Let’s Keep It Simple! Shall we?

Ever heard of the phrase, “Keep It Simple”? I have! It’s actually a common phrase in the tech field. According to a friend, it’s also a common maxim in Engineering. It seems that techies have a bad habit of making things too overly complicated. It’s enough to drive anyone crazy. I can still recall those thick books on how to use a spreadsheet.

For anyone who is new to the idea of using a computer, it was a virtual nightmare for any unsuspecting beginners. That’s why there is an extra “S” in that slogan, “K.I.S.S.”. The last “S” is not directed at the poor beginner; rather it the egghead who wrote that frustrating book on how to use a word processor or spreadsheet.

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How is this related to Christianity Explained?

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Learning to Persevere

Did you ever have one of those days? Today, I am sitting in front of my computer and I’m struggling on what to write. It’s not a dry spell or a roadblock. Rather, it comes from exhaustion.

Yet, I must press on and write an article for your enjoyment and encouragement. Though I am tired, my heart desires to press onward. For me, the task of writing is not a grind; rather, it’s a joy and a challenge. I’d not be doing this blog; if I didn’t enjoy the work. Continue reading “Learning to Persevere”

Life Without Limitations!

A friend once said, “It seems like you’re not living within the reality of your disabilities.”  I was quite surprised by this comment.  As I listen, an old cartoon character came drifting to the surface.  It was Mr. Magoo. Continue reading “Life Without Limitations!”

Never Say Never

Who me? Teach? Write? If you had asked me, several years ago, I’d have said, “No way! I’m not a teacher and neither am I writer. With God, “Never Say Never!” Seven years ago, while attending a church in Phoenix, Arizona, I first learned about “spiritual gifts”, special gifts or talents given by the Holy Spirit to believers in Christ to serve or minister to one another. Many are mentioned in the Bible such as prophesying, giving, serving, encouraging, teaching, etc. (See Rom. 12, Ephesians 4, 1 Cor. 12-14). Continue reading “Never Say Never”