Welcome To Christianity Explained

profileWhen I started blogging in 2009, there has been a central goal in the back of my mind. Because of the emotional difficulties that I’ve faced in my life, there existed a need to do more than share my personal stories. What emotional challenges am I talking about and how is it relevant to you?

How does depression, fear rejection, social anxiety and a crappy self-image sound to you? Yes, I give thanks to Jesus for healing my heart and helping me to overcome plenty of challenges and obstacles in my life. But you are not really hear for that! You are here looking for something to help you with your own needs or perhaps a word of encouragement.

I know that stories of a man with such disabilities as mine can be of value and I’ve no problem sharing personal stories when appropriate. Such stories can only go so far.  It’s why I am covering topics found in key books in the Christian faith. My central goal will always be to share the love of God, the Father and encourage you to talk with Jesus who is able to help you.  As God has done for me, he can do for you.

How do you navigate this blog site? You have a choice of consuming my contents in one of three ways. You can find a desired blog post under the Article menu item. You can also choose to go to Podcast and listen to an audio version of the blog post. You can also choose to Video and watch videos posted on my YouTube channel.

Since March 2022, I have been working on creating one blog post then repurpose it for both audio and video. So, you’ll be getting the same info.