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profileFor the past few years, Inspiration Point has been committed to providing encouraging stories of overcoming adversities.  What kind of adversities?  I am primarily talking about depression, rejection and a need for acceptance.

If you want to read one of my many articles, then you  can select “Articles” in the above menu. You will find a wide array of blog articles.  You’ll discover that I covered a wide range of topics, over the life of this blog site.

In February 2016, I wrote my first book.  It’s available in both, print and e-book.  If you select “Book” in the above menu, then you’ll discover sample chapters for my  current book, “A Lesser Human: An Anthology of Overcoming” and information on where to buy it.

In the future, I’m planning to add samples of working chapters for my second book.  It is tentatively named “Slaying Your Dragons of Negativity”.  This topic is actually the hallmark for a lot of my writing.

Thanks for stopping by and ENJOY!  Have a blessed day!