What does Acts of Service Mean?

What is “Acts of Service” and how is it a “love language”? Like the other love languages, it is not you doing something. Rather, it’s how the other person is receiving it. Yes, my mother’s love language is “Gifts”. It was her way of communicating appreciation or love. At the same time, she liked receiving gifts; as it is how her love tank gets filled.

For me, the “Acts of Service” love language is challenging for two simple reasons. It’s not my native love language and it is a matter of how I am receiving it. If I know the person and I have such a relationship then it is easier to receive the “acts of service” as an expression of love. If I don’t know the person then I have to take care and not see it as a put down.

People with physical disabilities are not the only ones who may be sensitive to receiving such expressions of love. It all boils down to trust and communication. Don’t worry, I’ll give you some ideas to help you. Let’s face it. Everyone desires to feel loved and appreciated and I’m certainly no exception.

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Yes, Gift Is A Language of Love. Here’s How

As I listened to the audio version of Dr. Gary Chapman’s book, “The 5 Love Languages“, I noticed the timing of my next blog post. At the time of this writing, Mother’s Day is two Sundays away. For my mother, she certainly had gifts as her love language. Though I’m not sure if it was her primary love language or secondary.

One thing is certain. My mother really did treasure the gifts that others have given her. At the same time, my mother knew how to give gifts. Though I don’t think she knew the full extent of what she’s doing. However, it’s in sync with what I learned about Love Language #3, Gifts. I’d like to share what I’ve been learning about this interesting gift.

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How to Show Love to a Quality Time Person

Let’s Talk About “Quality” Time!

Isn’t it time you put that phone down and learn the art of quality time? Yes, it is time for the next love language in Dr. Gary Chapman’s “The 5 Love Languages”. Yes, it’s about time for “Quality Time”. If you thought quality time is just another way of saying “Spend time with your children” then you are only seeing one part.

It goes a lot deeper than spending time. It’s about building relationship with your friends, spouse, other family members and God. I liked how Michelle puts it on her site, Crated with Love. Quality Time is probably best called Quality Attention. When you’re done with my blog post, please read “Quality Time Explained” on Michelle & Tim’s site.

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My Take on Gary Chapman’s 5 Love Languages – Words of Affirmation

Talking about Words of Affirmation

Do you want help with your relationship with family members and friends? Are you struggling to make connections and it seems the other person is speaking a foreign language? By this, I do not mean that you’re speaking English and the other person is speaking Spanish. I’m talking about the five languages of love described in Dr. Gary Chapman’s “The 5 Love Languages”.

For this blog post, I’ll be focusing on “Words of Affirmation”. It’s not just about a kind word or two. After reading the related chapter, I can see there’s a lot more to it. I’d like to share my own perspective on what I learned in Dr. Gary Chapman’s “The 5 Love Languages“. I’ll be doing the same thing for the other four love languages. Before we continue, let’s start with the obvious question.

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What Are You Reading or Listening To?

Open Bible; courtesy of Pixabay

In the past, I have been told to write about myself and the story of God healed my heart. It also helped that I developed a passion for digging into God’s Word and inner healing. You can see it plastered across my blog site and my YouTube channel. At first, the plan worded out and the Holy Spirit has certainly blessed me in the writing arena.

However, there is a limit to such a plan. People visit blog sites or watch YouTube channels for a simple reason. Does it fit my need or help with a problem? It’s great when the content creator is able to add a compelling story but the content still needs to answer that question. I watch Think Media because they create content that helps me in creating good content. I watch Paul Soares Jr’s videos because of the entertainment value. Do you get the idea?

Where am I going with this train? I would like to invite you to participate in an upcoming endeavor that will bless you, help others and Christianity Explained.

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