Need Your Help! Taking a Survey!

Photo by Pixabay on Do you have a few minutes? If so, I could use your help. As I am conducting a survey on how this blog is doing. For me, this blog site is the central hub for all of my content. The articles are often the source of what is heard on … Continue reading Need Your Help! Taking a Survey!

Learning To See Through a Hope Filled Lens in Tough Times

How does one see through such lens when there is so much turmoil around us? I will certainly not claim this to be easy. If anything, it is a challenging endeavor. Did you notice that I said nothing about a lens of positivity or optimism? Rather, I am speaking of a pair of hope-filled lens … Continue reading Learning To See Through a Hope Filled Lens in Tough Times

What Is Christianity Explained?

I would like to personally invite you to a new blog site called "Christianity Explained". Please read the article to learn ore about the site.

Learning to Persevere

Did you ever have one of those days? Today, I am sitting in front of my computer and I'm struggling on what to write. It's not a dry spell or a roadblock. Rather, it comes from exhaustion. Yet, I must press on and write an article for your enjoyment and encouragement. Though I am tired, my … Continue reading Learning to Persevere

Dealing With Changes

A week ago, Shore Vineyard held a discussion called "How to Thrive in the Upcoming Financial Crisis". The discussion centers on a book called "The Mystery of the Shemitah It's a book written by Jonathan Cahn. I saw the video based on this book and it's pretty good. If you took the time and listened … Continue reading Dealing With Changes