A Message of Healing

About six years ago, I had an interesting idea for my first book. It was a title that would grab attention because of its shock value and point a finger towards the devasting effects of a horrendous self-image. I'm talking about "A Lesser Human: An Anthology of Overcoming". Sadly, I let myself be persuaded to … Continue reading A Message of Healing

How Do We Practice Discernment?

What comes to your mind when you hear the word, "discernment"? Does sound a lot like judgement? If so, I have good news for you. Discernment and judgement are not the same thing. If anything, it is on the opposite side of the same coin. With discernment, you are asking questions and sometimes interpreting what … Continue reading How Do We Practice Discernment?

10 Ways To Punch Fear in the Face!

https://open.spotify.com/episode/0jjrfMDRNROPNUvTU6yQYy?si=8d5055cc4cbe4214 You can listen to my content on your favorite podcast platform or watch it, here. The other day, I had a fun idea for a blog post that should work beautifully on my YouTube channel and podcast. The idea came from watching a disability advocate sharing her top frequently asked questions about being an … Continue reading 10 Ways To Punch Fear in the Face!

Physical Touch is a Love Language and It Doesn’t Have to be TOUCHY

https://open.spotify.com/episode/22XoWapYc5Z6B48lRA5jME?si=NBts6qUwTICCCUF1rpMxMw Please be sure to subscribe to my podcast on your favorite podcasting platform. I would like to welcome you to my last installment on the topics covered in Dr. Gary Chapman's book,"The 5 Love Languages". You can either continue reading today's blog post or you can choose to listen to an audio version on … Continue reading Physical Touch is a Love Language and It Doesn’t Have to be TOUCHY

Need Help in Overcoming Depression?

You Are Not Alone! Depression? I know all about it because I dealt with it in the past. If you watched any of my YouTube videos on Christianity Explained then you'll discover that I'm not most handsome man, around. ;-). I was born with serious disabilities in 1964 and hope was a scarce commodity. People … Continue reading Need Help in Overcoming Depression?