How Do We Practice Discernment?

What comes to your mind when you hear the word, “discernment”? Does sound a lot like judgement? If so, I have good news for you. Discernment and judgement are not the same thing. If anything, it is on the opposite side of the same coin. With discernment, you are asking questions and sometimes interpreting what you’re sensing.

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With judgement, you are not asking questions. No, you are making a decision on what you are seeing or hearing. Often times, it is based on what you know. Whereas, discernment requires humility for one simple reason. Would you be asking questions if you already made a decision? I don’t think so. Do you?

Would you like to learn how to practice discernment in a healthy way that is quite biblical? How so? Keep reading. I’ll be giving you some practical tips in how Jesus helped me in discerning the truth in certain situations. Am I talking about discerning spirits? Keep reading and you’ll find out.

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10 Ways To Punch Fear in the Face!

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The other day, I had a fun idea for a blog post that should work beautifully on my YouTube channel and podcast. The idea came from watching a disability advocate sharing her top frequently asked questions about being an amputee. I could readily identify with her because I have my own list. In this case, the goal is to have some fun and help you “punch fear in the face”.

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Physical Touch is a Love Language and It Doesn’t Have to be TOUCHY

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I would like to welcome you to my last installment on the topics covered in Dr. Gary Chapman’s book,”The 5 Love Languages”.

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As Dr. Gay Chapman’s “The 5 Love languages” says, there’s five love languages and it is time for the last one. I am talking about the love language of “Physical Touch”. I was admittedly hesitant when I first heard it. My reason is very much at the heart of the title and the above image. Of course, Dr. Gary Chapman had a different meaning in the chapter on Physical Touch.

Though it is not one of my top two or three love languages, I do see why some people may be sensitive to the idea of calling Physical Touch, a love language. I had suffered some very nasty physical abuse before going to college. The pain and humiliation did not go away, overnight. It took some time before I experienced healing.

Today, I am a very different man and open to good physical touch. It’s a far cry from the days of pain and humiliation. I do agree with what Dr. Chapman pointed out in the chapter of Physical Touch. The pain and humiliation would have gone a whole lot deeper. It’s why I’d suggest going slow with your spouse; especially if she was a victim of physical abuse.

As Dr. Gary correctly pointed out, a good approach is to ask your spouse and let her guide you. Regardless of your situation, communication is definite tool for any good relationship. Keep in mind, one needs to listen and not just talk. Is there a temporal echo in the room? ūüėČ

I realize that the thrust of Dr. Gary Chapman’s book is on building a healthy romantic relationship with your spouse. You can also apply many of the principles to any personal relationship. It’s not limited to a marriage between a man and woman. Since there is no shortage of good blog posts on this topic, I felt that it would be good to share a perspective that may not be covered. I’d be shocked if it isn’t covered.

I’d like to continue on the path that I’ve hinted at, earlier. How do you suppose I overcame the pain and humiliations that I experienced? I realize that not everyone hurts in the same fashion. Yet, my goal is to share how Jesus healed my heart. It may be of help to you. If you want to know the details of what happened then go buy and read my book. It’s in there.

First, it is vital that you or your loved one know this simple truth. You are not alone! At first, I did feel isolated and alone in my pain. Thankfully, I was blessed with college friends who I could talk to. It helped to set the stage for further healing. I have to give thanks to Jesus for arranging such a scenario for me. God knew how important that I be in a community of friends.

Here’s another suggestion that can yield some great results. There are two people that I’d recommend that you definitely talk with. Ever think of talking with God, about it? I’ve spent many hours in God’s Word and in prayers. I can assure you that it does work.

At the same time, you shouldn’t be surprised if the Holy Spirit direct you to a trusted counsellor. It really does help to talk with another human being. In both scenarios, you have to do more than talk. You need to listen and receive what they are saying. It is really up to you.

We are not done, yet. There is the issue of “forgiveness”. I can still recall the night when Jesus helped me in forgiving my abusers. It was not an easy thing and I’m thankful for the help in forgiving those people. It was a few years before I do it. Why is it important that I forgave them?

By forgiving them, I was choosing to let go of the pain and humiliation and opening the door to healing. I am also saying “No” to bitterness and wrath. I was choosing to let it go and leave it in God’s hands. Yes, I choosing to let my Father deal with the issues. I got news for you. I’m not hurting those clowns by holding on to my anger.

Though it is important to forgive others, there is another person that needs forgiveness. Stop beating the crap out of yourself! I do recall the shame and condemnation that came with the incident. It lays dormant in my heart and central to why I named my first book, as I did.

Isn’t it time that you forgave yourself and stop beating the crap out of yourself? We should only take responsibility for what we actually did. Don’t take responsibility for something that isn’t your fault. Jesus didn’t just come to forgive the sins that we committed. Shame and condemnation are like a prison and you are held captive inside it.

Jesus came to set you free from that prison. Here’s what Isaiah says that Jesus would come to do for you and me:

61 “The Spirit of the Lord God is upon Me,

Because the Lord has anointed Me

To preach good tidings to the poor;

He has sent Me to heal the brokenhearted,

To proclaim liberty to the captives,

And the opening of the prison to those who are bound;

Isaiah 61:1 NKJV

Jesus is the strong man and my condemnation and shame are not greater than Jesus. However, I do need to accept the gift of freedom and learn to walk in it. You don’t have to be a prisoner, anymore. You can ask Jesus to come and set you free and help you. You are not alone!

Need Help in Overcoming Depression?

You Are Not Alone!

Depression? I know all about it because I dealt with it in the past. If you watched any of my YouTube videos on Christianity Explained then you’ll discover that I’m not most handsome man, around. ;-). I was born with serious disabilities in 1964 and hope was a scarce commodity. People with physical disabilities were generally not given an optimistic future and were relegated to borderline poverty.

I am told that it’s rare for anyone with low vision and a severe hearing loss to go to college. In the 60s, this reality had a lot of truth in it. In addition, I had a lot of other issues in my life. My heart was filled with fear and anxiety over how others perceived me. Where did I get this idea? It did not magically appear.

My Dad had a very negative view of the world and thought people would treat me badly and take advantage of my limitations. He was trying to prepare me for a world that may not be kind to me. Yes, there is a measure truth in this view; however, it’s not a majority viewpoint.

If you want more than I will invite you to read my book, “You Are Not A Lesser Human: An Anthology of Overcoming“. Yes, I did have that poor of an image of myself. It lies very much at the heart of my depression. How did I overcome my depression and how can my story help you?

Keep reading! I’m simply going to share some key points; not the book.

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Do You Want To Reduce Stress and Anxiety At Your Job?

Matt 6:25-34

Are you feeling stressed about work? I do know the feelings. As a content creator, I have a strong need to produce what the reader or viewer is looking for. It’s something that I’ve been dealing with for over a decade. For some people, it seems that I’ve an easy job. Oh? Really? I would beg to differ with such an opinion.

I’m not writing this blog post to talk about myself. For I am not the only person struggling with job stress. Of course, my situation is going to be different from yours and I’ll need to share my own ongoing experience. Content creation is a legit job and it’s one that needs to be taken seriously; not treated like a hobby.

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