Chapter 1: The Angry Letter

Photo by Pixabay on Have you ever dealt with someone filled with anger, at something you did? How would you deal with it? It would be easy to retaliate in anger and take a defensive posture. Another option is run in fear and never deal with the issue. Here is a story of one … Continue reading Chapter 1: The Angry Letter


Introduction: A Strange Scene of Dragons

Blue and red dragon — Vector by I.Petrovic Are you struggling with negativity? Does it seem like it's fueled by hot anger? How about sharp criticism that come at you like a lightning bolt? It could be worse. How about a freezing paralysis of fear? You may think that I am being overly dramatic with the illustration. … Continue reading Introduction: A Strange Scene of Dragons

Chapter 9: You Can’t Do It, Alone!

Photo by Oscar Lara on For the final chapter, I thought I’d try something different. How about a chapter centering on a specific theme and giving thanks to certain individuals?  If you’ve ever spent time on my blog site, then you will know that I am fond of saying “You can’t do it alone!” … Continue reading Chapter 9: You Can’t Do It, Alone!

Chapter 8: Helping Someone to Overcome

Photo by Kampus Production on A couple of years ago, I came across something called “Beatitudes for Friends of People with Disabilities.” It is loosely based on the Beatitudes found in the Bible. You can find it in chapter 5 of Matthew. The word “beatitude” simply means “a supreme blessing”. It is used to … Continue reading Chapter 8: Helping Someone to Overcome

Chapter 7: Confidence

Photo by Snapwire on As I consider this chapter, there is something that I need to address. Though I have taken a few psychology courses and a class on social work, I am not a trained counselor. In addition to these classes, I have read a variety of books dealing with inner healing. I … Continue reading Chapter 7: Confidence