About Christianity Explained

With site named Christianity Explained, I imagine that there are a few questions you’d like answered. For one, I am a committed Christian and have been walking with Jesus, for a couple of decades.

I started off, as a nominal Catholic and came to know the basics of the faith. I was also an avid readerr of the King James Bible.  I was born in ’64 and you could say my spiritual journey started in the ’70s.  It’s in ’90 that I made the swith from knowing about Jesus to calling Jesus, my Lord and Savior.

No, I am not a Charismatic Catholic. I drifted away from Catholicism, in my teen years. Yet, I would occasionally read my Bible or listen to an audio version; courtesy of the Talking Book Library for the Blind.  In ’95, I dove headfirst into Pentecostalism and I had to scramble out it. In ’97, I was attending a National Baptist Church and discovered that I had a heart to learn and share what I learned.

A few years later, I went back into the Charismatic (Pentecostal) stream and stayed in.  I am thankful for all the things I’ve learned in these various streams. All the while, I had a growing hunger to learn the truths of my faith and share it.

If you’re looking for structured teachinngs like the ones found in academic settings then you’re going to be disappointed. There is a place for academic style teachinngs or the “How To” style; however, it is not my style of teachinng.

I am a storyteller. In all of my writings, I will often make use of anecdotal stories to illustrate a point or idea. I believe that people are attracted to well crafted personal stories. This is a craft that I had to spend years in learninng.

You are probably  asking “What church do I go to?” It’s Shore Vineyard Church and here is a link to their web site.  I am also fond of the teachings of Frank Viola and his teachinngs on the Kingdom of God.

I don’t know if the FTC requires it or not. However, Amazon does require I make this disclosure. I am a memberr of their Amazon Associate affiliation program.  If you click on a book that I review or discuss then I have a chance of earning a small comission.

Plus, yoou may have notice the ads for things that don’t look like books. Yet, I am on a WordPress.COM site.  I am participating in their WordAds program. WordPress has a paid plan that allows for revenue earninngs.  I will endeavor to keep the ads under control and not detract from your reading.

I invite you to subscribe to my blog site. This way, you will get notifications of any new blog postss or videos posted to my site (and YouTube).  Thank you for your time and please come back!




6 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi Barry! Great blog site. It is good to get to know you a bit better. Keep moving forward. We are glad to be on the same team with you. Blessings>Sheryl

  2. Wow! Great site Bar! I am impressed. Seeing you love to write, I need to talk to you about praying about helping me to write this play called, “Elijah”. It could be GOD is showing me this site to show me where your strenghts lie and where we can fellowship. Hope to see you at men’s fellowship tonight.

  3. I am for sure a new fan of this website! I like websites and am happy to find this place where i will gush about those things!

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