Thoughts on Randy Hill’s Encounters: Stories of Healing [Book Review]

Where have I been? If you don’t know, I have a YouTube channel at On this channel, I’ve been posting videos of book reviews. For whatever reason, book readers like seeing reaction to books that I’ve read. This is in sharp contrast to what’s happening here on the blog.

Fear not! I did not abandon this blog site. For the moment, I’ll be posting my videos on this site and the Christianity Explained Show livestream. There is no reason you can’t enjoy a mix of videos and written articles. 🙂 This specific post is for a book review that I have written, years ago. Why did I do a video, then? First, I’ll tell you about the book and what came after.

What is “Encounters” by Randy Hill? The Chosen is not the first one to share Jesus from the perspective of others. In 2011, Randy Hill wrote an incredible collection of short stories. Each story centers on a specific encounter with Jesus. Each person’s story can be found within the pages of Scripture. In this video, I’ll be sharing my thoughts on this incredible book that predate the Chosen. It was written in 2011.

I do hope you enjoy this book review. I did have a reason for reviewing an old book. You see, I happen to know Randy Hill because he had preached at my home church, years ago. He also taught at our Men’s Retreat.

I thought it would be cool to interview on my weekly livestream show, Christianity Explained Show. If you’d like to see the interview then watch the video, below. I think you’ll find the video worth listening to.


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