Sit Down with Dina Salerno of BreakOut Ministries [LiveStream]

I know it has been some time since I posted to this blog site. Right now, I am in the midst of changing content strategy for my YouTube channel, blog site and Facebook. If you don’t know, people are wanting videos far more than text. Yes, some people still read and it’s why I have been doing book reviews. I’ve actually posted videos of books that I recently read or checked out. I will look into posting those reviews to this blog site for your benefit.

As for today, I’ll be sitting down with Pastor Dina Salermo. She works with her husband in shepherding a small church in Ocean Gate, NJ. Here’s the details and link that I posted to my YouTube channel. You can watch the stream from here or watch the replay. 🙂

Join me in a conversation with Dina Salerno. She is the lead pastor of Breakout Ministries or better known as Ocean Gate Church of NJ. I’ve visited her church in the past and Dina is definitely an engaging person worth listening. She also did a guest preaching at my home church Shore Life Church in NJ.


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