Thoughts on “Imagine Heaven” by John Burke

Imagine Heaven by John Burke

What is Heaven like? Is it for real and what can I expect? Will I be reunited with loved ones or pets? What about that other place? Do these NDE stories align itself with the Bible? It’s okay that such questions are asked. After all, some stories are little out there. I’d like to introduce you to a book that will help answer some of these questions.

It’s called “Imagine Heaven:  Near-Death Experiences, God’s Promises, and the Exhilarating Future That Awaits You”. It is written by John Burke. I came across this book when seeking the next book to review. Talk about a treasure trove! Here’s what I discovered.

Former skeptic, John Burke started as an agnostic engineer who studied 1,000 of cases of people who had a near death experience. In the Introduction, John shares his story of how he began his 35 year long journey in researching this topic. Thankfully, John had the good kind of skepticism. He just wanted to discover the truth.

I, for one am glad that John took this approach. John Burke collected a wide range of anecdotal evidence and medical science that points to the reality that our life doesn’t end at death. You’ll discover the medical evidence in the first couple of chapters.

Is this book only written for the skeptical types? No. It is written for anyone who would love to get a glimpse into what Heaven will be like. As Richard Sigmund and John Burke points out, there are literally thousands of NDE stories and are unique to the individuals. However, there are some common grounds. How does that help?

John reports that 1 in 25 Americans have had a near death experience. That is, they clinically died and came back, later. In one respect, we can credit the improvement in modern medicine and the doctors who do their best. Heck, there is a story that John shares about a doctor trying to save a patient’s life and included prayer. You’ll have to read and find out!

I, also give God the glory because he is the one who is doing the rescuing in some of the stories that you’ll read. In the end, it is a choice that is given to the person. I am glad that they did come back and shared their stories with John.

Do you have to read this book like a novel? Not really. I read the chapter on Skeptical Doctors because I want to see what evidences John discovered. It seems that John is not the only person to use due diligence in researching this topic. There is a Dr. Moody who had conducted some clinical research that was built upon by later research.

Though it’s not critical, it does lay some of the ground works for later chapters. In fact, John took great care to organize the entire book into seperate topic-based chapters. I quickly found this out when listening to the audiobook version of John Burke’s book. There is another chapter that discusses the common grounds found in these NDE stories.

Who did John talked with? According to John, he avoided the people that had a book to sell. He focused on people who had nothing to gain by sharing their stories. I’ve actually found their stories heartwarming and exciting to read. I didn’t read every chapter for this review. There are some chapters that I will be visiting.

As with Richard Sigmund’s book, John is simply sharing the stories that he’s been told and it’s done in a spirit of humility. Some things will undoubtedly be too incredible and it’s okay. Take in what you’re able and talk with Jesus about what you’re reading. You’ll find such an approach to be far more rewarding.

Some people are more visual and they will likely appreciate watching a sit-down interview. I did a quick check and found an interview between Sid Roth and John Burke.

I don’t typically watch Sid; however, I knew he’d have something. If you have some time, you will be entertained. If you know Sid, this book is up his alley.

I realize that books like Imagine Heaven are very helpful for people who lost a loved one or a pet. I haven’t read these chapters, yet. I expect that these chapters will be of great value to these folks. It’s my hope that they will encounter Jesus and receive the healing they need. As you read these chapters, I would encourage you to invite Jesus and let the Holy Spirit help you.

Like Richard Sigmund, John Burke’s book definitely points to the Word of God at various point. For me, I appreciated the fact that he did this. Apparently, he was letting the Scripture be a guide and help in his research. He may not have started in that fashion; however, the Word of God does provide some needed insights.

You will definitely enjoy the process of discovery in John’s journey to learn the truth.


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