My Library of Christian Books: What’s Inside? Possible Book Reviews

Thanks Pixabay!

What book or topic would you like to see covered, on this blog site or the YouTube channel? I am asking this question for a simple reason. Of the things covered on this blog site, it seems people are hungry for a good book to read. It is even more evident when it comes to a topic that matters to the readers. The same idea applies to my YouTube channel.

A few years ago, I did a video reviewing Frank Viola and Leonard Sweet’s “Jesus Speaks: Learning to Recognize and Respond to the Lord’s Voice“. Though the video was not great, it is still getting views. It also helps that friends were talking about a book I’ve read, earlier. Could it be that I’ve something others would be interested in hearing about?

As a Kindle book reader, I’ve collected over 200 books and I have not had a chance to read all of them. In some case, I’d like to revisit them.

My goal for this blog post and video is not to show off. Rather, I would like to know what book you would be interested in my covering? I’ll try to do both, video and written.

In real life, I do not have any place to store 200 books and I won’t get into the audiobooks. Since I am visually impaired, it makes sense to use my Fire Tablet as a Kindle e-reader and take advantage of Alexa reading my book. If I didn’t, it would take too long.

These are books that I’ve collected over the years. In some cases, it was an attempt to replace books that I couldn’t keep. I am trusting that you are looking at the video showcasing the books. You’ll find that I do have a diversity of books. However, my focus will be related to the Christian faith and a biblical perspective in emotional healing.

As I’ve pointed out in the video, I am open to other areas related to Christianity. Years ago, I had a collection of books from Joyce Meyers and I wouldn’t mind revisiting it. At the time, I was spiritually immature and in great need of some of her books. I could same the same thing for the author of “Bondage Breakers” and others.

Am I considering a review of “Church History in Plain English”? Oh yes, this book was very helpful in understanding the many traditions and history of the Church. I’ll probably revisit Frank Viola’s book. I’ll probably have to revisit Francis Chan’s “Letter to the Church” because my one video was more of a rant. It has to do with his complaining about bloggers and YouTubers.

Here is a final reason and it’s one that I mentioned in the video. Though I have a good size collection of e-books, I am aware that not everyone is going to like every book. No problem. However, I could be looking at a book and not think it would be well received. Yet, you may look at my library and think that I’m nuts for not sharing on that book.

I won’t know it, if someone doesn’t tell me. That is why I am inviting you to chime in by leaving a comment. Perhaps, I have an author who has a more current book worth covering. I would definitely love to hear from you.


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