Faith – A Story of Three Men and a Boat

Thumbnail for Three Mein in a Boat video

Earlier today, I posted a question to my Instagram followers. In the Reel, I asked if “Three Men in a Boat” was still popular in India. Why did I ask such an odd question. It has to do with an old blog post that I wrote and it’s no longer available, outside of Internet Archive.

When asked “What’s the point?”, an idea came to mind. Why not share the story of that old blog post and relate what I essentially wrote. I think you’ll have fun watching this video.

Join me for an entertaining behind the scene story of an old article that I wrote. It’s called Three Men and a Boat. At the time, I knew nothing of Jerome K. Jerome’s Three Men in a Boat (to say nothing of the dog). How does Faith play a part?


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