Study of Romans 8:31-34 God’s Amazing Grace

Let’s study Romans 8:31-346

Join me in an exciting look at some extraordinary promises in Romans 8:31-34. These promises are all because of God’s amazing grace. It’s all done through the blood of Jesus. Come and explore what hidden treasures are found as we study Romans 8:31-34.

Earlier today, I was listening to an Instagram Reel from Omar from Think Media. Here’s what I recall and it’s connection to today’s video. “You don’t have to be the source. Rather point people to sources that helped you.” Omar isn’t just a tech expert on Think Media. He’s also a pastor at a church in Las Vegas, Nevada

What’s the connection to the video? I am simply pointing to the Source that has tremendously heled me, in my times of need. The One who says that He is for me and I can count on God, the Father, Jesus and the Holy Spirit. Enjoy!


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