Have You Considered the “Gift of the Cross” by Charles Stanley?

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Have you ever considered embracing the gift of the Cross? It is this question that Dr. Chales Stanley asks the readers of “The Gift of the Cross: Embracing the Promise of the Resurrection” and listeners to the audio version.

The Cross of Christ is more than just a place to come and acknowledge our sins and ask for forgiveness. How about the resurrected life that comes with the gift of salvation? It’s this promise that Dr. Stanley is talking about in this book.

I’d like to share with you some of my thoughts on this book.

I happen to agree with Charles Stanley’s initial assertion that we really don’t think deeply on the cost to Jesus. Yes, we will admit that it was painful and it seems that we don’t go too deep in thinking about it. In my studio, I’ve both two items that would have horrified the 2nd Century Christians. On one wall, a small crucifix that serves as a reminder of the horrific suffering that Jesus went through, for me. On the other wall, is a large bare Celtic cross.

Earlier today, I finished reading Dr. Stanley’s book and I gained a greater appreciation for what Jesus did for me and what has been purchased. It’s more than a paying the price of my sins. There’s the resurrected life and the promises that comes with it.

“The Gift of the Cross” is divided into 16 main chapters and a short bonus chapter. If you never read Dr. Stanley’s books or heard Charles Stanley on television then you are in for a treat. Dr. Stanley is not just a well-known Southern Baptist Bible teacher. He’s also known for his gift of encouragement and an easy-to-follow Bible teacher.

Dr. Stanley’s book is about the journey that led to the crucifixion of Christ. He begins by answering the question of why Jesus had to die for our sins. Dr. Stanley doesn’t waste time in pointing to any one sin. Truth is, we’re all sinners and there’s a deadly price to be paid. Because God is holy, just and Love, God put into effect a plan to pay that debt.

If you think that is all then you’re mistaken. As Dr. Stanley points out, we didn’t just get rescued from eternal separation from God. There’s is also the promise of a new life that is free from the yoke of sin. You will be amazed at what Dr. Stanley shares in this book. Oh, it doesn’t stop there.

Did you know that believers in Christ have the gift of the Holy Spirit and all that comes with it? Yes, Dr. Stanley does touch on this topic. You’ll find it in Chapter 16, I believe. As Dr. Stanley points out, we are not called to sit in a holy huddle. We’ve a job to do and it’s handled on a multitude of fronts. For this to be done, Jesus knew that we were going to need help.

Even with modern technology, we needed help in accomplishing what God has called each of us to do. It’s one of the reasons that we need the gift of the Holy Spirit. I did notice that Dr. Stanley did not go too deeply into what is entailed in having the gift of the Holy Spirit living inside each child of God. For me, this is fine.

Because it opens the door for another book that you may find interesting. I’ve actually read Dr. Mark Kauffman’s “Kings Arise: The Kingmaker anointing“. This book is on a totally different level than what you’d expect from Dr. Charles Stanley.

Do you know that you are given authority though the Holy Spirit? If you’d like to learn more about the kinds of authority that you have then I’d encourage you to read this book.

I haven’t done a review on this book because I didn’t know what the interest level would be. So, I opted to piggyback this book. That is, I felt like it would be okay to give a mention for the reader who’d like to go deeper.


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