How Do You Like YOUR Bible Study?

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I just did a livestream centering on the question of “How do you like your Bible Study?” I do know there are a multitude of ways to accomplish this. Thought I’d share with my followers on the Christianity Explained blog site. I’d love to get your input.

I typically prefer to do my Bible Study through my computer or tablet. This is largely due to my vision impairment. Yet, I’d still do it this way even if my vision were perfect.

Yet, it doesn’t become easier because I’ve a nice computer. The real challenge is in how one approach the topic of how to stud the Bible.

I would love to hear your input on this topic. In case you missed it, I mentioned two other livestream that I’ve done. The first one was done last week. I simply demonstrated how you can use the Blue Letter Bible site for your own Bible study. The second one is a simple study of John 16:8 with a focus on the convicting influence of the Holy Spirit. In this video, I relied on my copy of Logos Scholar’s Library that I purchased, twenty years ago.

If interested, you can find them on my YouTube channel or you can click on “Bible Study on the Holy Spirit – John 16:7-9 for the one that I just did. For the one on the Blue Letter Bible site, you can watch How to Study the Bible For Yourself! Beginners Welcomed!

How do you like your Bible Study?


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