Introduction: A Strange Scene of Dragons

Blue and red dragon — Vector by I.Petrovic

Are you struggling with negativity? Does it seem like it’s fueled by hot anger? How about sharp criticism that come at you like a lightning bolt? It could be worse. How about a freezing paralysis of fear? You may think that I am being overly dramatic with the illustration. Not so fast! I do have a purpose behind the above question and it centers on an old vision.

It is a vision that will set the stage for the rest of the book. Yes, there are dragons in this vision. There are three to be precise. Here’s what happened. Years ago, I was sharing an apartment with my mother. It was early morning and I was in the living room. I do not recall what I was doing at the time; however, I found myself suddenly beholding a strange scene.

It seems I was transported to what appears to be hill country. It was no longer early morning and I am standing under an open blue sky. I quickly looked around and soon spotted a strange scene. Bhold! I saw three dragons sitting right next to each other. I’d say that each one was the size of small house. You’d think that I’d be afraid at such a sight.

Far from it! I knew in my heart that I was not seeing real dragons. For this vision came from God or I’d have high tailed it. Instead, I felt the presence of Jesus and I was at peace. Besides this, I notice something very strange about these three dragons. What do I mean by this? It is not every day that you see three dragons sitting peacefully next to each other.

How about three dragons that are supposed to be antagonistic towards each other? The first dragon is covered in a reddish-brown scale. With God’s help, I notice plumes of smoke coming from its nostrils. It was your typical fire breathing dragon. The other two dragons seem to have come from someone’s fantasy role-playing game.

The second dragon is covered in a bluish coat of scales. You’d think this creature would be a fire breather; however, you’d be mistaken. This creature attacks by blasting its opponents with lightning bolts. If I recall my role-playing days, these creatures prefer the hot arid climate. The third one is a white dragon and they are normally not seen as being very strong. Then again, I know of some gamers who’d beg to disagree.

This ice-breathing dragon is sitting right between the red dragon and the blue dragon. I knew that this was not a normal scene. As these three should be fighting each other. “What is the meaning of this?”, I asked Jesus. “Watch” came the reply.

As I watch, a strange thing began to happen. Each one of the dragons transformed into humanoid form. Though I am some distance from these three creatures, I could see three distinct plumes coming from their mouths. I felt like God is telling me that their powers lie their mouths. For it is with their words that they wreck untold havoc.

“You are the role-player. What do you suppose each breath weapon represents?” ask Jesus. I laughed because it has been several years since I had any dealings with this stuff. Yet, I could sense the answer to the question is readily apparent.

I replied, “If I recall, the red dragon breathes out fire. Anger and hatred would certainly be what this thing is spewing out. Is this correct?” I knew the Holy Spirit was helping me and an odd Scripture seem to paint a perfect picture for this fiery dragon. “Talk about setting a forest ablaze!”

I could see that Jesus was smiling and wanted me to continue. I looked at the blue dragon and could sense through the Holy Spirit that this creature is giving off electrical discharges. I, for one have no desire to get near this creature.

As I consider what this creature is capable of through the power of its mouth, a scene of someone spewing out cutting remarks and nasty criticism came to mind. Destructive criticism is what came to my mind. I quickly recall a proverb that says a harsh word will stir up wrath. That Bible verse would definitely fit this scenario.

It’s not a good idea to anger a red dragon because its attack would be far worse than it would normally be. It is precisely the scenario that would occur between the blue dragon and the red dragon. You could say the same idea applies to someone who is prone to anger. Harsh words and nasty criticisms will only increase that person’s fury.

What of the white dragon? Though it is technically the weaker of the three dragons; I had a sense that this creature was a lot stronger than it appears. I asked, “I know this creature breathe out plumes of ice and it can freeze its victims. However, I am not seeing the harm that its mouth can do.” Fear is the word that came to mind. It’s a fear that can paralyze a man or woman

It is here the vision actually ends and I understood what God was showing me. It is about the destructive power of our words. Yet, it is not a vision without hope. How so? Our tongues really do have the power of life and death. With our words, we can breathe hope, love and faith into a situation or the complete opposite.

If you notice, I am more of a storyteller. I’d like to share some short stories that you will hopefully enjoy and find some useful insights that may be of help. Some stories will be plainly fiction for the purpose of easier storytelling and others will be nonfiction. It is worth knowing that Jesus did a lot of teachings through parables and illustrations. I don’t think my short stories will be that deep.

Side Note: I know that this chapter is going to be on the blog site. As such, it is subject to change if the book containing this chapter gets published. Feel free to leave a comment about this chapter, below. Feel free to enjoy the chapters for the sake of enjoying it; even if it’s for that alone.


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