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Did you know that I wrote a book in 2016? It was originally called “A Lesser Human: An Anthology of Overcoming” and I changed it, after I got a couple of people whining about that title. So, I changed it to “You Are Not A Lesser Human: An Anthology of Overcoming“. For the records, I actually did see myself in that fashion, hence the title.

Here’s what you may not know. Of the nine chapters, a few of the chapters came from old blog posts on the original Inspiration Point. Heck, one chapter features some of my attempts at poetry. Of these chapters, the poems are the only things remaining.

I will provide you with the relevant links, a little later in this article. If you insist on diving in for the links, then please come back. I would like to talk with you about posting the chapters for the first book to this blog. Here’s why.

When I first started writing articles for my old blog site, Inspiration Point, I had no clear ideas on what to write or that I’d write a book; neverminded a second one. I started with a vague idea that soon became clear. I have a passion for helping others to overcome depression, negative self-image, fear of rejection, social anxiety, and so forth.

Yes, I really did think terribly of myself, and I give thanks to Jesus for rescuing me. Though I have not fully arrived, I am a whole lot farther than when I started. I am grateful for what my Father has done for me. The old blog site got started in 2009, and I kept writing. In 2015, I felt a leading of the Holy Spirit to turn my struggles into a book.

I wonder what I should put in that book. How about some selected blog posts and turn them into actual chapters? I can attest to the fact that God challenged me, with this idea. Yet, God faithfully helped me in writing the book. Plus, I was blessed by a friend named Barbara Whalon who edited that book.

It’s now 2022 and a reasonable question may have come to mind. How did the book do? Locally, the book did fairly well; however, it is far from being successful. It’s in February 2016 that I renamed the book, and the new title didn’t help much. As per this writing, the e-book is under a dollar. The print copy is $7.00. Yes, it was disappointing, and I did feel discouraged.

About a month ago, a young woman gave a strange prophetic message to me. She only knew that I wrote a book and no clue on what happened. It was about pieces of the book being taken and used to help others in different places. It’s really not a bad idea when talking about the first book! Here’s where the rest of this article’s title comes in.

I’m long past worrying about earning an income on that book. More recently, I’ve found that some authors have taken to writing book chapters as individual blog posts. Later, they’d turn those “chapters” into an actual book. I can do that.

Here is what I’d like to do. It’s not a problem to take my existing book chapters and turn each one into its own article or blog post. Because this site is not designed to be a blog to book site, I will need to do things, differently.

If you like this idea, I strongly suggest that you subscribe to this blog site, so you’ll get notified of when each chapter get posted. I’m not certain of how I will title each blog post, though. Here’s the promised links to the poems that are on this site:

  1. Open Your Eyes!
  2. Ever Onward, Ever Forward
  3. Somebody Has To Be First!
  4. Don’t You Worry About A Thing!
  5. Stop Running!

The last poem is on this site; however, it is not in the book. As for the third poem, I had to repost it to this blog site. As I pointed out, it is not too difficult. The other chapters will likely have a photo to go with the individual chapters. I’ll likely use what’s in the book as the content is a lot better. Have fun!


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