My Identity Is Not My Disability

What is your identity rooted in? I hope it’s not your physical appearance! As for my identity, it is not my physical disabilities; rather it is rooted in who I am in Christ Jesus. Yet I feel a need to talk about this issue of identity.

Let’s get past the intro and go into a little more detail. Shall we?

If you read a variety of my articles then you will notice that I don’t talk too much about my disabilities unless it’s relevant to the article. Why? When I started my original blog site, I did do some research on the idea of being a disability blogger. The problem is, I never felt comfortable with the idea of making my appearance the issue.

I quickly learned that my heart is to share how Jesus healed my heart and helped me to overcome depression, fear of rejection and other such issues. My issues were common to everyone and I certainly had my own take.

With recent events and a couple of unrelated YouTube videos centering on disability advocacy, it seems a good idea to talk about the topic of disability. Hopefully, you did enjoy the video.


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