10 Ways To Punch Fear in the Face!

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The other day, I had a fun idea for a blog post that should work beautifully on my YouTube channel and podcast. The idea came from watching a disability advocate sharing her top frequently asked questions about being an amputee. I could readily identify with her because I have my own list. In this case, the goal is to have some fun and help you “punch fear in the face”.

You can thank Sean Cannell for that line and it’s rather appropriate. Why do I say that? I have been writing blog posts since 2007 and created written contents on free web site that I’ve created, years ago. As for YouTube, I had an idea to create video contents to support my old blog site in 2015. It was sporadic and I only became serious about my YouTube channel, last year. The podcast came in 2020.

Yes, I have been around and do understand the fears and struggles of creating contents. I could just say writing. However, podcasting and YouTube are no different. Don’t worry, you don’t have to be a content creator to enjoy the following list. How does Sean Cannell of Think Media figure into this?

It’s a tagline from his videos on YouTube. Sean and the team on Think Media are dedicated to teaching potential YouTubers the art of creating contents for their channels. I came across Think Media and gained a lot of insights that has been helpful. Because the idea of creating videos can be a scary proposition, Sean would often encourage the students at Video Ranking Academy and his YouTube audience to “punch fear in the face and press record!”

The following are my list of tips for punching fear in the face and moving forward in what Jesus is calling you into. Enjoy!

Just Write: Would you believe that the idea of writing anything on the Internet was nerve wracking? Yes, I was worried about my writing being seen by other people. It didn’t matter that I had a vision of writing for the Kingdom of God. I was still going, “What am I supposed to write? I’m not a pastor! I don’t know! HELP!” Here’s the answer. I needed to punch fear in the face and just write.

You’re not an Impostor: Lately, I have been hearing of something called Impostor Syndrome. It’s based on the idea that others will not see you, as authentic and label you as a fake or an impostor. The name sounds new; however, it is old. I’ve been dealing with it since the 90s. I was afraid people would write me off as a useless person.

I had to prove that I am capable and can be of value. I did not want to be deemed to be a failure. There’s just one problem. I was trying too hard to prove my worth. In truth, I simply needed to punch fear in the face and stop worrying. Fear and anxiety will often prompt you to act stupidly and there’s no need. Don’t worry about what others think.

You will learn: I originally started writing for the tech field. The idea of writing anything with a Christian message was foreign. Yet, it is precisely what God has called me into doing. It’s a strange calling because I had no training in Christian theology. “What am I supposed to write?” Thankfully God had an answer for me.

First, I needed to punch fear in the face and have a willingness to learn. It’s why I brought a copy of Logos Scholar’s Library, Silver Edition in ’99. It was a revolutionary idea and it proved to be more than I actually needed. Of course, it would prove obsolete in a few years. Today, you can get their library online. The link will take you to their site.

That electronic library isn’t the only thing. The Holy Spirit directed me to three of the most unlikely Christian leaders to learn from. How does Hank Hanagraff, Charles Stanley and Joyce Meyers sound? Such pairings would freak out some discernment ministries. As for me, I thank Jesus for the help that they provided.

Write a blog: Years ago, a friend asked “Why don’t I write a blog? If I’m a writer then I’d want to do that?” For me, the idea was a scary one. What would I write about? Write about disability? What? I really couldn’t understand such a suggestion. I’m not my disabilities. Though my glasses and hearing aid are a great help, they don’t define me.

I didn’t know what my friends were talking about. Truth is, I was looking in the wrong direction and listening to fear. Fear and insecurity were saying that I have no value or purpose. It’s a total lie! For God did indeed have a plan and a purpose for me. Guess what? I had to punch fear in the face and believe what God is saying.

Choose something: One doesn’t just sit down and write a blog or record a YouTube video or audio podcast. It’s one thing to create a content with a Christian worldview. However, I needed to pick a specific niche or topic to write about. The same thing applies to my YouTube channel. You should have seen my earlier writings.

I was riddled with indecision and had difficulty in choosing what to write. My blog content was all over the board. It didn’t help that I lacked confidence in my writings. I had to punch fear in the face, sit down and pick a topic. Then, I had to go for it and trust Jesus to direct my path.

You are NOT a robot: I was told that the Holy Spirit would direct me in what to write. For some reason, I translated it to mean that I didn’t need to participate in the writing process. This idea is pure fallacy. Today, I can see that I was operating out fear. Yes, the Holy Spirit is guiding and helping me; however, I still need to participate.

Fear needed to be punched in the face and I simply needed to enjoy the hard work of creating content. Yes, I am going to make mistakes and it’s going to happen. It’s okay. It doesn’t mean God isn’t helping or disappointed in me. If anything, I am the one who needs to show up and contribute. After all, I am not a robot.

You’re NOT a failure: Yes, I did suffer from a fear of failing and deemed a disappointment. It is a crippling fear that kept me from stepping out in faith. Though I did make attempts, a sense of fear or dread would often be in the back of my mind. It’s why I pushed so hard to prove my “critics” to be wrong.

Do you know what the truth is? The only true failures are the ones who never get up and try. Yes, they’ll fall down and it does happen. It’s not the end of the world. It’s time to punch fear in the face, get up, learn and try a different way.

Anyone can do that: I’m not too sorry but I had to add this one. Yes, there is a point to be made. Years ago, a friend once told me, “Anyone can put together a website. My 9-year-old daughter could do that!” This incident occurred in 2006. I could have received it like a slap on the face. However, I went a different route.

The daughter was sitting at a desk located near my friend and I. The daughter is a very intelligent young woman and it was true, back then. I simply looked at the kid and told her that I have a job for you! Let her put the church web site together! No, I was not going to do that.

Why did I share this story? Everyone else’s job looks easy and we don’t always see the amount of work that goes into it. They simply see the blog post or the video and mistakenly think such jobs are easy and there’s not a lot of stress. They have no idea of what really goes into running a blog, YouTube channel or a podcast.

How does fear come into this? It can be overwhelming when one realizes the amount of work involved in having a blog, YouTube channel or a podcast. You can choose one of two ways to go. You can treat it like a hobby and hope to avoid the fear and anxiety that comes with having such a thing.

Your other option is to punch fear in the face and press record, if you’re a YouTuber or podcaster. For bloggers and authors, we hit the keyboard. Same idea. Don’t let fear overwhelm you. Punch it in the face and move forward.

Prayer: Did you know that prayer and enjoying God’s presence is a great way to punch fear in the face? According to 1 John 4:18, “There is no fear in love but perfect love casts out fear, because fear involves punishment, and the one who fears is not perfected in love.” Perfect love is with God, the Father. Guess who can help you punch fear in the face? It’s all starts with building a prayer life and spending time in God’s Word.

Community: Fear and anxiety would love to have you think that you’re the only one struggling with your blog, podcast or YouTube channel. You can probably say the same thing for a lot of other challenges. Guess what? You are not alone, and you don’t have to punch fear in the face by yourself! It is for this reason that a community can be of great help.

It is not enough to have a few friends from your church. They can be a great help when it comes time to have a nearby friend, and not someone on the other side of the planet. At the same time, it helps to have friends who are doing the same thing as you. I’ve been helped greatly by my local church, the crew at VidIQ and Think Media.

Because of this, fear got a lot more than a punch in the face!


One thought on “10 Ways To Punch Fear in the Face!

  1. Dear Barry

    Hello from the UK. Well said. Satan wants us to be fearful so he can control us. Perfect, strictly complete love casts out fear. Laughter is part of love and destroys fear.

    In writing a blog people want different things when they visit. But the thing is to be yourself. It is after all an adventure a journey in faith, in holding on to the hand of God as the Holy Spirit guides.

    If you are reaching out to those who do not know God then one needs to remember one is fishing and therefore you are using a net, in this case the internet. I consider you can write about anything, all good things are God’s and one can write about what one is interested in whatever that is. The Holy Spirit will use it for good for those who love God.

    On my my site I do use humour as necessary on posts and pages to lighten the mood and help make the points. I will use strong salty language if required. I am not PC.

    Kind regards

    Baldmichael Theresoluteprotector’sson
    Please excuse the nom-de-plume, this is as much for fun as a riddle for people to solve if they wish.

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