What Are You Reading or Listening To?

Open Bible; courtesy of Pixabay

In the past, I have been told to write about myself and the story of God healed my heart. It also helped that I developed a passion for digging into God’s Word and inner healing. You can see it plastered across my blog site and my YouTube channel. At first, the plan worded out and the Holy Spirit has certainly blessed me in the writing arena.

However, there is a limit to such a plan. People visit blog sites or watch YouTube channels for a simple reason. Does it fit my need or help with a problem? It’s great when the content creator is able to add a compelling story but the content still needs to answer that question. I watch Think Media because they create content that helps me in creating good content. I watch Paul Soares Jr’s videos because of the entertainment value. Do you get the idea?

Where am I going with this train? I would like to invite you to participate in an upcoming endeavor that will bless you, help others and Christianity Explained.

If you don’t know, I am the owner of a blog site, a YouTube channel and a podcast and they each have the same name. When I’m done writing a blog post, I will record a YouTube video to go with the blog post. That’s why you’re seeing a video from my channel. This way, you will have a choice of reading the blog post or listening to a video version.

As for the podcast, I upload the video to Anchor.fm and they take care of distributing the podcast to the various podcasting platforms. For now, I’m letting them take care of separating the audio from the video. This way, I can focus on creating two blog posts and two videos per week. There’s just one thing. I need to create content that is of value to you.

What am I proposing to do? How does this relate to Christianity Explained and you? Did you ever notice that I don’t have any formal training in inner healing or a title attached to my name? I’m writing content based on what I learned from reading various books and involvement with inner healing ministries. In the short term, it is a good starting point. In the long term, it is not a good strategy. It’s time to upgrade my content!

How would you like a discussion based on the topics found in Dr. Gary Chapman’s “The 5 Love Languages“. It would be easy to create a few days’ worth of content. The same thing can be said of Townsend’s & Cloud’s “Boundaries“. Both books are highly recommended and Boundaries was a big help to me.

We can also discuss books written by people like Jane Hannon. I’m specifically talking about “Discernment: The Essential Guide to Hearing the Voice of God“. I’m sure that there are better-known writers who have written on this important subject. Would you like to suggest one or two? By the way, I will say “No!” to books like “Strange Fire”.

My goal is to provide biblical insights and ideas to help the followers of Jesus, in their daily walk. I’m not a fan of things that shoot down others. Such content does not help the struggling Christian who simply need help in certain areas of their lives. I was certainly one such soul.

Joyce Meyers’ “Battlefield of the Mind” was a definite help. Does this mean that I agree with everything that she says? No, I don’t but I thank God for the help that she did provide me. Do you see what I did? It’s called “Eating the chicken and spitting out the bones”. Always talk to Jesus about what you read.

Isn’t this site called Christianity Explained? What about books not related to healing? Sharing the love of God, the Father as expressed through Jesus is a central theme of both the YouTube channel and this blog site. Do you mean Dwight Moddy’s “How To Study The Bible“? I don’t have the Kindle version but I get it and cover it. The same thing goes for “Church History in Plain Language” and “Know How We Got Our Bible” by Ryan Reeves.

With a few exceptions, I am not proposing to do book reviews; rather a discussion of the topics covered in that book. My goal is still to help people overcome issues like social anxiety, depression, fear of rejection and so forth. I’ll still be sharing my perspectives on what’s covered in the proposed book.

Many of these books have audio narration and I’ll likely take advantage of it. Now, you may be asking about the costs of such an endeavor. For one, I already own many of the above books and their audio counterparts. I am also a part of the Amazon Affiliate program. So, I’ll earn a small commission on purchased items on Amazon.

For the blog site, YouTube channel and podcast grows, I’ll likely be looking at the Best Seller list for this niche. This way, I’ll have a better idea of what you may want to read or be of help to you. This doesn’t mean I won’t touch less familiar writers. The problem is, I don’t have a large enough audience; as per this writing.

That is why I need you to “Like”, Share and comment. The same idea will apply to the YouTube channel. I am looking forward to hearing from you and will likely select a book for next week.


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