Am I On Course? Your Fruits Can Help

Your Fruits Can Give You, A Clue

Are you on the right track with what God is calling you to do? Sometimes, your fruits can help you determine that. What do I mean? I’m inviting you to listen to today’s podcast and read my blog post. You will discover what I’m using to decide this.

Am I on course with Christianity Explained? Don’t worry, this blog post will be of value to you; even if I am sharing some key insights related to what’s happening with the blog site. If you’re a first time visitor, here’s something you may not know or have forgotten.

Two years ago, I opened a paid account with and closed my old one with Blue Host. I had originally signed up under Blue Host’s special offer and it was about to end. There’s no way that I could afford their regular price and I was already burned out with Inspiration Point. If you have the funds, I’d definitely recommend Blue Host.

In 2020, I wanted to do content creation in a very different fashion. I already have a free account with YouTube and I wanted to post related videos on my blog site. As for the audio podcast, the goal has been to spice up my blog posts. Why?

For me, it initially seems a fun idea and an easy way to create content for the blog site. I quickly learned that a growing # of people like listening to an audio version of what I wrote and not just reading my blog posts. As for the videos, they were under construction. In March 2020, the crap hit the fan and you know the rest.

How does this relate to the title of this blog post? Keep reading!

What does my fruit have to do with this? Is it connected to the massive blog activities on Sunday? For one, my goal has always been to have one site for all three types of content. Obviously, I can’t store everything on my blog host’s site. They would not be happy with all the videos that I put on YouTube. The same thing applies to my audio podcast.

For this reason, I created an easy way for you to find what you want. For example, I’ve a menu item for Videos. If you click on it then you’ll be transported to a page listing all my YouTube videos. The same thing applies to my audio podcast and blog posts listed under Articles. Last Sunday, I felt a need to post links to 22 of my current YouTube videos on my blog site.

Since Sunday is a low traffic day, it seems a good time to get to work. Sorry, if it seems you were getting notifications flooding your inbox. Since I was already posting both my blog post and audio podcasts, you won’t be getting bombed with notifications with these. My hope is that you’ll become aware of my video contents and perhaps you will watch some of it.

Here’s one evidence that it seems to work. I noticed that I got a lot of traffic in response to what I did. Some of this traffic translated to extra traffic for my YouTube channel. That is a good sign. The challenge is creating content that works best on YouTube. Guess what? YouTube can help diversify the type of content that I can provide through my blog site; however, it is not a perfect solution.

How can I tell? I’ve created videos that had an accompanying blog post. Thanks to YouTube’s analytics and my site’s analytics, I could see these videos didn’t do so well. Yet, the blog post did quite well. As for my audio podcast, I did the same thing. The audio podcasts were a hit. Do you think my fruits are trying to tell me something?

It’s not the only thing the fruits are saying. As some YouTube gurus will tell you, it is always a good idea to see what blog posts are doing well. Yes, they’re talking about videos; it’s still the same thing. I can see that you really enjoy topics pointing towards encouraging stories of overcoming obstacles. You also enjoy my perspective on Biblical truths.

Why don’t I try theology related blog posts or apologetics? It’s not my strength and I’ve never felt comfortable with these types of posts. I’d rather leave these topics for better people than me. I, for one, will trust the Holy Spirit to lead me in the right direction. Therein lies my next point.

Learn to listen and trust the leading of the Holy Spirit. He is quite capable of helping you. It’s okay to ask questions. Spend time in prayers, reading your Bible and stepping out in faith. Of course, you’ll make blunders. Don’t be afraid to talk with Jesus, about it. It also helps to be in fellowship with brothers and sisters who can pray for you and give words of encouragement.


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