Thoughts On Being A Christian Content Creator

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Believe it or not, I did not blunder with the title or the above image. If you do not know, I am not just the owner of this blog site. I’ve also an audio podcast and a YouTube channel by the same name. After my mother passed away in April 2021, I went through a period of grieving and reassessment of what God has called me into doing. The story of my mother’s passing is for another blog post.

You read that last sentence, correctly. For my Father did not just called me into the business of being just a YouTuber, just a podcaster or just a blogger. What does this mean? For one, I needed to learn the art of becoming a Christian YouTuber and work towards a system that would eventually let me post contents to my blog site.

In my October podcast & YouTube video, I shared my thoughts and tips for Christians interested in diving into becoming a YouTuber. Here’s a link to the audio podcast. The rest of this post is dedicated to sharing what I’m hoping to see done on this blog site. Don’t worry, I haven’t abandoned writing blogs!

As I pointed out, I am not done with blogging. I’ve still blog posts to write. As the title says, “I am a content creator” and it means producing useful content on all three platforms. However, this move necessitates my taking the time to learn the right way to create content for YouTube. I was already doing it, on my audio podcast.

If you don’t know, I have been creating blog posts for over 13 years. Trust me, it is not an easy task to continue writing when so many competing things happen. I’ll go into more details in an upcoming blog post since it corresponds to the next audio podcast that I have created, on January 18, 2022. Let’s just say, I had an unexpected vacation. I do hope you get the sarcasm.

You might think that I’m off on a rabbit trail; however, it’s not the case. I have had a lot of things happening in real life, since 2013. First, my mother had a stroke that resulted in dementia. It landed her in a nearby nursing home. Between the stress of caring for my mother and the changing dynamics on the social media fronts, I began to experience the onset of a burnout. In 2016, I literally decided to step away from my old blog site, Inspiration Point.

If you don’t know, Facebook, Twitter and YouTube made some strategic changes to their algorithm and I’m not talking about censorship. Rather, they wanted content creators to focus on creating content on their platform. If I don’t, my blog post won’t be seen by many of my friends and followers, on Facebook. With YouTube, it’s a different story since their focus is creating videos. Guess who wanted a slice of their action?

As a content creator, we can’t post new content on every platform. We have to pick and choose what content to create on what platform. For me, it means that I create my YouTube videos on their platform. My audio podcast is being hosted by and finally back into writing blogs on

Does this mean that I’ll dump all my contents on this blog site? Though it sounds good, I have been getting the sense that I need to create content specific to each platform. Of course, you are more than welcome to visit my YouTube channel, Christianity Explained. If you subscribe to my channel, you’ll receive a notification of any new video posted there. I’ve too many videos to try listing on this site.

As for my audio podcast, you will find it on most podcasting platforms: Spotify and Apple Podcast are the top two. I’ve already created 37 episodes that you can listen to. Some episodes were created to go with a blog post, on this platform. I am not certain if this practice will continue. If you liked the practice of sharing a blog post with an audio podcast then please write it in the comment section, below.

Will there be a difference between the types of contents on these platforms? Yes. If you haven’t heard, YouTube is the second largest search engine on the Internet. According to a few reputable YouTube gurus, the search is more need based. How do I fix a leaky faucet? Tips on Christian dating, answers to questions about the Bible and a need for entertainment are some of the things sough for.

I’ve been involved with the Internet for many years. I can definitely attest to this viewpoint. My videos has to either be personality driven or answer a specific question. Audio podcast is a little different. Yes, it is possible to do a tip based audio podcast; however, I’d rather watch it than listen to it. Audio is more geared towards a conversational style and it’s easily listened to.

I have some audio podcasts that are posted on both my YouTube channel, Spotify and my blog site. Because I was simply having a conversation and not showing, the audio podcast did quite well. The videos were not doing so well. What about the blog site?

Haven’t you been paying attention? I could not have done this on YouTube. The video would take some time and it doesn’t allow for the practice of skimming. With a written blog post, I can be certain that you’re getting the point; even if you’re not reading every single line. Did I mention that my videos tend to be 15 minutes or longer? Whereas, my longform blog post can be read in mere minutes.

How do I go about deciding what type of content to put on each platform? You need to learn the art of developing a filter for your contents. I’ve had to ask both the Holy Spirit and myself some important questions. Who am I writing for? Hint: You’re not writing to please yourself! What am I seeking to share with that audience? Am I helping with a problem or having a conversation on a specific topic?

Never be afraid to ask God, the Father for help in the decision-making process. The same thing applies in the creation of your content and where to post it. Hey, you’re on Christianity Explained. Of course, I am going to encourage you to lean on Jesus, for help.

Before you rush into creating contents on multiple fronts, I’d suggest that you work on one front. It will take time for you to develop a system that will work for you. Keep in mind, you have a life and it should not revolve around YouTube, audio podcast or blogging. You need to learn what work best for your current lifestyle.

I’m single and I have serious disabilities. So, I have a little more freedom than the average person. For this reason, it’s easier for me to post two videos per week and upload an audio podcast. Right now, I’m attempting to do just one blog post per week. That will be it. You may not be able to do that. That is why you need to discover what works best for you, not me.

It’s time to wrap up this blog post! I’d like to thank you for taking the time to read this new blog post and I hope that it’s of value to you. I’d love to hear from you, in the comment below. Please be sure to subscribe to my blog site. If God’s willing and his help, I’ll be back in the following week.

Have a blessed day! See Ya when I see, Ya!


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