What Is In A Name?

What is in a name

I’d like to share a story and encourage you, to press in and not give up hope on what God has called you, to do. You are not a failure because you didn’t get it right, the first time. Believe it, or not. This is not my first site of any kind. Would you like to hear my story?

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Are you a follower of Jesus? Do you know that God, the Father has a calling on your life? Sometimes, we are given a simple vision pointing the way. For others, it may be a vague feeling and a need to know. If there is one thing that can stop you or me, it’s the fear of failure or blowing it.

How can I be certain of this? In ’97, I had a book opening up in my mind’s eyes. Jesus was showing me, a vision of what I’m called to do–WRITE. Wait! It’s not just any writing. Apparently, I was to write for the Kingdom of God and I’m no theologian!

At the time, I’ve only written a few computer-related articles for a computer magazine. My heart was pointing in that direction. I was both excited and confused. Because I had no idea of how to approach this calling! Aaahh!

Do you know that God is faithful; even if we blow it? God is faithful; even if we have blown it, many times! I am not kidding. There is a certain editor at a gay magazine that can attest to that! Thankfully, God used him to point me in the right direction. Go to the library and read some of the magazines that you want to write for.

It’s good to listen to correction and followed through. My research made it clear that I was not prepared. I’d need to do some studying and get a better handle on what I am seeking to share. A couple of years later, I felt the need to invest in the Logos Bible Library.

I do not know if the above purchase was right or not. However, I do not regret the decision and the purchase did prove helpful. For one, it provided a sense of confidence. The library package would also help to introduce me to the idea of Bible research. The Scholar’s Library wasn’t needed; however, the other components were useful.

Don’t regret those left turns! Let’s get to the business of early websites and blog sites. Shall we? I was not getting anywhere with the idea of writing for a magazine. Though I felt frustrated, a new idea came to mind. Why not create a web site and showcase my writings?

Christian Lighthouse and Beth Berakah are only two web sites that I’ve created. Before these, I created one or two other sites. During this time, I learned quite a few valuable lessons.

Years ago, a friend shared an interesting piece of wisdom. Rod Conover could see that I had the potential for being a good writer; however, I needed to sharpen my ax. He’s right. I could have taken a writing class at Ocean County College; however, there is another option; Gotham Writers.

It is an online writing school and I would definitely recommend taking classes, here. I took two classes and they were a big help in learning some important lessons in creative writing. In fact, these guys are responsible for helping me, with a future memoir.

Are you seeing a pattern emerging? Wait! I did not cover my two blog sites and my book, “You Are Not A Lesser Human: An Anthology of Overcoming.” We are not always given a definitive blueprint of who, what, or where to go. However, I did need to make a decision to follow through.

In time, God would either provide insights or corrections through the Holy Spirit. At other times, I would meet someone who’d help by pointing in the right direction. Yes, I have been on a rocky road because of poor decisions; however, Jesus is faithful and never left my side!

Today, I have a fresh new blog site and a clearer vision of where I believe God is leading. Since the beginning, I have always been an encourager. It makes sense that I’d continue this pattern. Plus, I’ve added a feature found at the start of my blog posts. Hopefully, you listened to my podcast.

Other things are coming into place, too. Thankfully, God has been my help in every step that I’ve taken. These steps include both the right steps and the wrong ones.

Keep in mind, God is no respecter of person! If God can help me, then God can help you. Why? It is because you are loved by God, the Father. Jesus is ever interceding on yours and my behalf and the Holy Spirit is sent to guide us, in the way to go. You and I simply need to listen and obey!


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