Riding A Tandem Bicycle With Jesus? Who’s driving?

Have you ever rode on a tandem bicycle, before? What would it look like, if Jesus is doing the driving?

As a child, I did ride on a tandem bicycle. It’s quite fun and a potential adventure waiting to happen.

The more sighted person would sit on the front seat and I’d sit on the backseat. Do you suppose that I contributed nothing to the biking experience? Think, again!

Though it has been 40+ years, I can still recall being told “Hey Barry! You need to contribute! It would be a lot more fun if you help pedal!” He was quite correct. Such bikes are a lot easier when both individuals are cooperatively working together.

Do you know the same principle applies to one’s walk with Jesus? What if, our walk with Jesus was similar to riding on a bicycle built for two people? Who would be in the front seat? I’d like to share my perspective on this idea.

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How does the idea of riding a tandem bicycle with Jesus sound to you? For some people, it would be easy to say “Jesus! Take the wheel!” For other people, it would be a scary proposition! For me, the idea of totally leaving the driving to Jesus is not an easy task.

I was raised to be very independent and take control if I wanted things done. You could say that I had to be in the driver’s seat of the tandem bicycle. There is also the issue of trust! I had trouble trusting other people; nevermind trusting God.

How about you? Truth is, it takes time to learn that you can trust Jesus with the driving. For one, I needed to learn how to peddle that bike in sync with Jesus. If you don’t peddle in the same direction as the driver then you are going nowhere.

If you are in the backseat of a tandem bike then you have three choices. You can choose to not peddle in sync with the lead person. The driver will simply end up doing all the work. On the other hand, you could also do what my friend had asked. You can choose to move the pedals in the same direction as the driver.

What about the 3rd choice? You will get nowhere if you choose to pedal in the opposite direction of the person in the front seat. By doing so, you are saying “I want to be in control!” There can only be one driver.

How does all of this relate to our walk with Jesus? Who’s in the driver seat? If you are in the driver’s seat then I have a question. Are you even listening to what Jesus is saying to you? I did not do so well when I sat in the driver’s seat of my own tandem bicycle.

The key is, I needed to learn to trust the wise counsel of the one in the backseat. I had to learn the difference between biking in my own strength and biking with God’s strength. Do you know that you can go a lot further in Jesus’ strength than in your own strength?

As I grew in my relationship with Jesus, it became increasingly clear that I can relinquish the driving to Jesus. I do not have to be the one in control. Oh, I am far from arriving! It’s an ongoing process and the learning never ends.

What happens when Jesus is doing the driving? If you choose, Jesus could take you on the fun path. What do I mean by the fun path? For one, it is not an easy ride that’s filled with games and easy challenges. It’s quite the opposite! What am I talking about?

The fun path is hard, challenging, and potentially rewarding! In many cases, it may require sacrifices. Will you trust Jesus on this journey along the “fun” path? The challenges will certainly stretch your faith.

The fun path is quite risky. This path is not one we’d choose on our own. Are you willing to trust the Holy Spirit to do the driving? Are you willing to contribute when the time arrives?

That’s right! I am called to participate in what Jesus is doing. I am not supposed to sit on the backseat and enjoy the scenery. I get to choose to cooperate with Jesus in what God has called me into. How about you? Are you just sitting on the backseat? What is Jesus asking you to do?

Remember: You are not alone! Jesus is right there, and he can help you. Do not be afraid of the challenging road ahead of you! I will encourage you to learn to trust Jesus in your journey along the fun path. Don’t be afraid to talk with him, about your concerns or fears.


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