Sharing Old & New Treasures (Matt 13:52)

Has this ever happened to you? Did you ever think that the Holy Spirit would prompt you to use a story that’s nearly 10 years old? Just because something is old, it does not diminish its value.

I’d like to share what happened and a fresh reminder to me, as a writer. Our stories are of value; no matter when it happened!

Each person has a story to share and it is some times worth the retelling. You would be surprised at the impact it can have. This truth is especially true for bloggers, podcasters, pastors, or any other child of God. It’s even more fun when the Holy Spirit recalls something I’ve long forgotten.

In the early morning, I will walk around my community and quietly pray in the Spirit. I have found this to be a great way to prepare for writing or considering a podcast episode. It always pays to listen for what God, the Father will say.

It did not take long for the issue of fathers to come to mind. As I consider the topic, my mind begins to tease out the message I should write. Though I’ve written a couple of articles, earlier, my mind gravitated towards a possible new treasure.

However, the Holy Spirit had something else in mind. An old blog post called “The Sunfish: A Picture of Two Fathers” came to mind. A look of surprise came over my face. I wrote that blog post in 2011 and referenced it, in a 2013 article. I have totally forgotten it. Yet, my heart is excited by the prospect of resharing it.

That is not the only thing! A verse of Scripture came to mind and it’s found in Matthew 13:52. It’s a truth that is valuable for anyone who has a story to share. Here’s the Scripture:

52 And Jesus said to them, “Therefore every scribe who has become a disciple of the kingdom of heaven is like a head of a household, who brings out of his treasure things new and old.”

Matthew 13:52 [NASB]

There is always something new to learn; even an old blog post can have value. I was genuinely surprised by my recall of the event described in the blog post. It seems Jesus has cleansed my old memory and the pain associated with it has vanished. Praise God!

I won’t spoil it. You will have to read that article and find out what happened. I will simply trust that this old blog post will be a blessing to you. Hence, the other reason for sharing an old blog post. It does help to recall what God has already done.

Are you struggling with father issues? You are not the only one! Though my father was a decent man, I did have problems. My father and I are two strong willed opinionated men. For me, I wanted my father’s attention and approval; hene the need to prove myself.

I have to credit my Heavenly Father healing my own father wounds; hence the story found in “The Sunfish: A Picture of Two Fathers”. Here’s another blog post that may be of value to you: Overcoming My Father Wounds“. God is no respecter of people. If Jesus can help me then God can help you!

You do not have to be a blogger or podcaster to share your personal stories or insights into Scripture. Your personal story of how God has been faithful can be equally impactful. Just be authentic! You don’t need to put on a show to impress.

Let the Holy Spirit help you in sharing your stories and I’m certain that it is not just one. Ask Jesus and see what the Holy Spirit suggests. Just be honest about your failings, but you shouldn’t overdo it.

No, you are not on an unrelated rabbit trail. What do you think your personal stories of God’s faithfulness is? They are old and familiar treasures that bring to remembrance God’s faithfulness! They are also new treasure telling of new adventures with God’s Holy Spirit.

These treasured stories and insights are not meant to be hidden away. They are meant to be shared, with other people. You and I do not know how a story can help someone. Let Jesus help you in the sharing of your stories.


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