What Is Christianity Explained?

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What is Christianity Explained about? Isn’t there a YouTube channel with a similar name? What are my goals for this new blog site? Haven’t I seen you, before?

Yes, you have seen me and I will answer your questions in short order. First of all, I would like to welcome you to a new blog site. I created this site to compliment my new YouTube channel. I have three essential goals for this site. Did he say, “a new blog site? What happened to the old one?”

Yes, this is a new blog site and it is not an improved version of Inspiration Point. The old blog site suffered from a lack of clear focus and a sense of not knowing where to focus my energies. Yes, I was writing in my own strength and a lack of confidence.

Such a combination can easily cause havoc for any writer. For the past year, I took a long-needed break from the prison called Inspiration Point. Yes, I called my old site a prison.

Any experienced content creators (bloggers and YouTubers) will tell you, it is sometimes necessary to step away and do something that is new. Here is where my YouTube channel and this new blog come in.

A few months ago, I felt the Holy Spirit prompting me to get back into blogging. I listened; however, my desire is to do video blogging. You can visit my YouTube channel, Christianity Explained. I have already created a few Christian related videos, for you to watch.

My goals for the YouTube channel is the same for this blog site. For one, it is to review or discuss books that I’ve read or currently reading. It’s likely that I’ll do this, on the blog site. What kind of books?

On my old blog site, I would cover topics related to depression, fear of rejection, social anxiety, poor self-image and so forth. I simply shared my personal stories of how God healed my heart.

It took a lot more than just praying my way to inner-healing. I received some counseling and read a variety of inner-healing books. Plus, I had the opportunity to participate in inner-healing ministries like Bethel SOZO. Are you getting an idea for the types of books I will likely cover?

At times, I will discuss books outside that topic. I have other areas of interest that I may read. I want to share some of my ideas and thoughts related to these books. Why don’t I just share my personal stories? I will share; however, it will be in relationship to the topic covered by the book.

Here is my second goal for both the YouTube channel and this blog. If you visit my channel, you will notice that I’ve created videos covering certain topics related to Christianity or Bible teachings. I am not a theologian; however, I do enjoy sharing my take on these things. It is my hope that it will prove a blessing to you.

Some people prefer to read articles or blog posts on such things. For other people, they don’t have the time to sit and read. They prefer to watch or listen to a video. Herein lies the reason for the new blog site. It makes sense; as I am a writer.

So, your blog site is meant to complement the YouTube channel? That is correct. Although some contents are more likely to be found here. I will endeavor to let you know about any new video posted to the YouTube channel.

Did I not mention, the third goal? I am a firm believer in challenging and confronting certain issues in the larger Christian community. You may have gathered this fact, from a video on praying for our leaders. In one video, I had no problems with quoting relevant Scriptures.

The same principle applies to this blog site. However, I think you’ll find my approach to be quite different. I don’t know if it is discipling or something else. However, I do like to offer my readers or viewers a more useful solution than joining the bandwagon full of critics.

If you would like to get content from this blog site or the YouTube channel then please consider subscribing to the site’s mailing list. I will post a link to my YouTube videos on this blog site. Plus, I am planning to post new written blog posts.


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